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Choosing Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI23, VI34, VI36, and VI46 Greenhouses or the Juniors (J-VIC)?

The VI23 Exaco Janssen greenhouse

Exaco Janssens has been manufacturing high-end greenhouses for more than 30 years. Their Victorian greenhouse range is one of the best in the business and provides the ideal greenhouse environment. These greenhouses will add a vintage English style and beauty to your backyard.

Exaco Janssens has become a leading manufacturer of these greenhouses in Europe, and Mulberry Greenhouses is proud to become the USA distributor of these premium greenhouses.

You can buy various versions of these greenhouses according to your needs and requirements. However, the VI23, VI34, VI36, and VI46 versions are recommended over the junior range (J-VIC). Here are some reasons why.

Technical Specifications

The VI23, VI34, VI36, and V146 come in glass or polycarbonate, depending on your needs. You can also get a possible upgrade to a polycarbonate roof and glass side walls if needed. Here are the technical specifications of these regular greenhouses.

The VI34 Exaco Janssen greenhouse


  • Polycarbonate panels with beveled edges and u-shaped metal end caps for premium durability
  • Stronger and robust aluminum profiles
  • 4mm tempered glass
  • Taller design for a better headspace
  • A single sheet of glass
  • Windows held by rubber seals which allow better insulation
  • 6-inch foundation frame
  • One spindle roof window opener and one automatic window opener
  • TUV & GS tested
  • One sliding door
  • Includes a misting system
The VI36 Exaco Janssen greenhouse


The VI34 comes with all the features of the VI23 version with a few distinct differences:

  • A 4-inch ¼-inch high foundation frame
  • One spindle roof window opener and 2 automatic window openers


The VI36 comes with all the power-packed features of the VI34 version with a few distinct differences:

  • 2 spindle roof window openers and 2 automatic window openers
  • One set of double sliding doors.


The VI46 comes with all the power-packed features of the VI36 version with a few distinct differences:

  • 2 spindle roof window openers and 4 automatic window openers
The VI46 Exaco Janssen greenhouse

Comparison To the Junior Greenhouse Series

You can also get your hands on the Junior Victorian greenhouse series by Exaco Janssens, which is also ideal for year-round gardening. They provide great utility for growing various kinds of plants, and it also requires little to no maintenance.

However, if you’re looking for a bigger and better greenhouse, you should choose the regular greenhouse series. The J-VIC series is also a good option, but it has shorter 5’2 side walls, while the regular series have side walls of 6’7.

Also, the J-VIC series don’t have the capability of having extra sliding doors because of the short side walls. The sliding doors are about 6’, making them unsuitable for the J-VIC series. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can upgrade the regular greenhouses to have extra side walls and double-hinged doors.

The J-VIC series comes in 3 sizes only 8x10ft (J-VIC 23), 8X13ft (J-VIC 24), and 8X15ft (J-VIC 25). While the regular ones are 8x10ft (VI23), 10x15ft (VI34), 10x20ft (VI36) and 13x20ft (VI46)

Buy Exaco Janssens Victorian Greenhouses from Mulberry Greenhouses

If you want to get your hands on Exaco Janssens Victorian greenhouses, head to Mulberry Greenhouses. We are a premium distributor of these amazing Victorian-style greenhouses in the continental US. You can also buy premium greenhouse accessories such as misting system for greenhouses, greenhouse heaters, and outdoor sinks. Contact us for more details.

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