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Regular vs. Geodesic Dome-Shaped Greenhouses – Explained

a geodesic dome greenhouse by Lumen & Forge

There has been a considerable increase in interest among people looking for greenhouses to start growing produce and plants in their backyard. That said, there are several things you’ll need to consider when buying a greenhouse. For one, you’ll need to evaluate the size of your backyard to see what type of greenhouse will suit you best.

You can either choose a regular greenhouse or get a geodesic structure. Geodesic dome-shaped greenhouses can be an advantageous choice but they do have their pros and cons. Here’s a comparison between geodesic dome-shaped greenhouses and regular ones.

The Advantages of Geodesic Structures Over Others

Compared to regular greenhouses, geodesic structures are some of the most stable ones. The entire weight of the greenhouse is distributed evenly through the structure, which helps geodesic domes withstand enormous pressures and harsh weather conditions.

Whether you’re facing wind or snow in the winter, geodesic greenhouses leave no space for the elements to penetrate the greenhouse. The modular nature of the greenhouse also protects any glass accessories in the dome.

entrance of a regular greenhouse

Your plants require plenty of sunlight to grow and sustain themselves, for which geodesic domes are an efficient choice. Geodesic domes utilize sunlight efficiently which also allows your greenhouse to remain insulated during winter and extends the growing season for your plants well into the colder months.

Geodesic structures are also aesthetically pleasing, and the structure looks futuristic, to say the least. Having a greenhouse structure like this will definitely make your yard look cooler and even increase the design value of your home.

Disadvantages of Geodesic Structures

Although geodesic structures will make your home look edgy and modern, they can be quite complex to set up. All links must be carefully and accurately measured, and the foundation has to be perfect. Geodesic structures take 2-3 times more effort to construct than regular greenhouses.

 a Riverstone MONT greenhouse

Uses of Geodesic Greenhouses

Geodesic greenhouses can be a great way to kickstart a backyard gardening project. The even distribution of sunlight, efficient insulation, and temperature control means you can use your geodesic greenhouse to grow plants year-round!

In the summer, you can use a geodesic dome greenhouse to grow plants ideal for the heat such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc. During the winter, you can grow cool weather crops such as lettuce, peas, root crops, herbs, and fruits and various kinds of flowers.

Besides growing food, geodesic greenhouses can be used for other residential, commercial, and educational applications. Institutions can use these greenhouses for horticultural programs, while commercial usage includes farm-to-table restaurants, urban backyard gardens, off-grid homesteading,and more. 

a person is standing in a greenhouse.

Where to Find the Best Greenhouses

If you’re looking to get your hands on premium geodesic greenhouses, check out the products and services at Mulberry Greenhouses. We’ve established ourselves as a leading distributor of premium greenhouses across the continental US.

Pick and choose your favorite style, and we’ll make sure to deliver it safe and sound to your doorstep. We’ve partnered with some of the best manufacturers, such as Solexx and Exaco, to provide our clients with premium quality greenhouses. You can also buy greenhouse accessories from our online store. Explore our website today or contact us now for more details.

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