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3 Ways to Keep Your Greenhouse Cool in Summer

Greenhouse gardening is not just about buying the perfect greenhouse. You also need to master the art of greenhouse maintenance and improvement.  

Many greenhouse gardeners face challenges during hot days when their greenhouse starts getting too humid and hot. Since it’s imperative to create a suitable and well-balanced greenhouse environment, you need to learn about proper greenhouse ventilation.

In this blog, we’ve talked about different methods of keeping a greenhouse cool and airy during summers. So let’s dig deeper to learn all about them.

Optimum Temperature Guidelines for Greenhouse Gardeners

Before we delve into the greenhouse cooling methods, let’s talk about favorable greenhouse temperature:

  • A greenhouse’s temperature should not exceed above 90 degree Fahrenheit for normal plants
  • Temperature can be increased for proper cacti and succulents growth
  • Greens such as spinach and lettuce plants love lower temperatures
  • The best temperature for an ideal greenhouse environment lies between 80 and 85degrees Fahrenheit
  • Greenhouse gardeners must learn about the greenhouse codes and temperature requirements in their particular USDA zone

Vent Openers are Important

The first surefire way to increase natural light and airflow inside a greenhouse is to install vents. You can either opt for automatic vent openers or invent more functional door kits and louvers to optimize heat.

At Mulberry Greenhouses, you can check out our cutting-edge Solexx Universal Solar Powered Window Vent Opener, Riga & Janssens Roof Window Wind Restraint kit, and automatic roof window openers.

The Solexx greenhouse circulation fan

Install Fans for Better Ventilation

Greenhouse fans are another option that helps greenhouse gardeners during summers. They not only allow improved ventilation but also increase your gardening comfort. Always choose high-quality fans such as the RSI Evaporative Cooler EC5-Swamp Cooler or the Solexx Greenhouse Circulation Fan to maximize efficiency.

Invest in Shade Cloths

If you live in a moderate climate region where summers are not too hot, shade cloths are the best option for keeping your greenhouse cool and airy. Shade cloths can be used as per your gardening requirements. For example, most vegetable plants require shade to thrive well. These include tomato, capsicum, and eggplants, among many others.

Therefore, vegetable gardening lovers must keep a few 40-60% heat-reducing shade cloths available. Moreover, 70% of shade cloths must be used for greenhouses that receive abundant sunlight. Shade cloths are used a few feet above plants, or you can also install them over the entire greenhouse structure.

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