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Greenhouses that Have the Best Weather-Impact Resistance

A snowflake

Harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and fluctuating humidity levels aren’t just detrimental to your plants. These issues can be equally destructive to a greenhouse's material, form, and durability.

Many new greenhouse owners are often unaware of the factors they should look for when buying a greenhouse online. Mulberry Greenhouses always ensures that our customers have all the necessary information for buying the right greenhouse. And today, we’re here to tell you about the three best weather impact-resistant greenhouses for wintertime. So let’s get started!

1. Cross Country—Chic and Capable

Solid, heavy-duty aluminum frame, beautiful design, strength, and unmatchable durability—that’s how we define Cross Country greenhouses in a few words. Cross Country Greenhouses is a range by BC Greenhouses manufactured in Canada. They uphold the highest engineering standards and offer 2x strength compared to other aluminum-framed greenhouses.

A white-framed Cross Country greenhouse

Cross Country greenhouses are ideal for winter as they have a capping system for insulation and drafting heat within a greenhouse. And the best part is that you can order a custom Cross Country greenhouse in a lean-to or a freestanding design! Order today.

2.  German-Made Riga Greenhouses

This one’s for all the greenhouse gardeners who have prioritize season extension, plant safety, and weather damage prevention above all else. Riga greenhouses is surely a top contender among weather impact-resistant products. It’s manufactured according to the harsh weather and winter storms that affect several parts of the US during winters. Riga is a German greenhouse brand owned and manufactured by Hoklarthem, a company with over 30 years of experience.

MONT greenhouses feature a patented Gothic-Arch, AKA onion-dome shaped roof and comes with UV-stable polycarbonate material that isn’t as clear as glass but is more durable and long-standing. Riga S and L feature 8mm thick poly-panels whereas Riga XL has extremely durable 16mm poly-panels.  Riga can withstand as much as 30psf snowload and awind gusts of almost 120 mph.  Their frames are painted black for aesthetic appeal and enhanced electrostatic benefits. It doesn’t rip or tear off when exposed to snow, frost, or heavy rain.

Riga greenhouse for sale in USA

We recommend new gardeners opt for a Riga greenhouse as it has proven its mettle by withstanding several hurricanes over the years!

3. MONT Greenhouses for Extra Strength and Durability

MONT greenhouses make the sturdiest polycarbonate greenhouses for wintertime. You can never go wrong with a UV-stable, user-friendly MONT greenhouse featuring POC panels. This brand hits off the charts for weather impact-resistant and has been a top choice for gardeners living in extremely cold regions across the country.

Check out MONT Premium or MOHEAT greenhouses now.

MONT premium greenhouse in USA

Buy Authentic Greenhouses in the US

Choosing a reliable greenhouse seller is imperative to put your money in the right place. However, doing so is tough because many sellers claim to be reliable and authentic. Mulberry Greenhouses steps in as a leading online shop for greenhouse buyers. We’re an authorized seller for local and international brands like Solexx, MONT, Riga, Cross Country, and Lumen & Forge, among more.

You can also check out our vast range of greenhouse accessories for sale online. Call us for more details.

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