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Mulberry Greenhouses offers greenhouses in Glass or Polycarbonate, buy one today with our ongoing sale!

Greenhouses were described as conservatories for tender plants back in the day — today, you’ll find a conservatory greenhouse for sale that will make your gardening space feel more inviting! You have ample choices for glass or polycarbonate greenhouses on Mulberry Greenhouse.  

The Polycarbonate greenhouses for sale on Mulberry Greenhouses are no less in terms of a long-term investment. Their panels are constructed to be long-lasting, so even after 15 years, the most average polycarbonate greenhouse will retain its remarkable shape. It’s an excellent product for fresh fruit and vegetable growers as it excels in its heat retention properties. Moreover, it protects the plant successfully against harmful UV radiations as it breaks the rays while allowing sunlight. It also allows more diffusion in comparison to glass that works in the plants’ favor!    

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