Solexx 8ft x 16ft Harvester Greenhouse G-416

How to Set Up a Greenhouse?

There’s a variety of styles and sizes for greenhouses. Given that you’ve already picked out the best from the lot (among attached, freestanding, and cold frames) based on factors concerning optimal effectiveness and functionality of the planting operation; here’s how you should start setting up the greenhouse:

Solexx 8ft x 16ft Harvester Greenhouse G-416


Be sure to pick an area that’s filled with plenty of light. If you’re not too much of a fan of cleaning, you’ll want to keep your greenhouse away from any trees that dirty the external frames with droppings. You’ll also want to offer a bit of protection against the wind. If you’re planning to power your greenhouse using electricity to run the watering or heating systems, it’s best to situate the greenhouse near the house. If you can’t afford to invest in a full-sized greenhouse, a great option for starting home gardening is cold frames.

Heating and Ventilation

For those hoping to keep things under budget, bubble insulation offers a cost-effective method for providing warmth. But, in colder regions, you may have to install an electric heater to warm the plants through the winters to keep them growing. Apart from the heat, the plants also demand fresh airflow to extract carbon dioxide; this makes vents important to ensure the optimal growth of your plants. The bigger the greenhouse, the more ventilation is required. However, if you don’t wish to get involved in the hassle of installing vents or fans, a cost-effective method for lowering the temperature is to use shade cloth over the structure.


Glass greenhouses offer the most light in as they are the clearest. They last fairly long and allow for replaceable single panes. However, polycarbonates are far less likely to break in comparison to glass. They also disperse light to prevent radiation overexposure. The idea is to create a gardening environment past any external climatic shocks.

Watering System

An irrigation system allows you to stay stress-free when it comes to watering your seedlings. A dedicated watering system never underwater or overwater.

Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse 8x8 –Growers Edition

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