Moisture on a greenhouse surface

Best Greenhouse Glazing for the Winter Season

Moisture on a greenhouse surface

Greenhouse gardeners have a burning question when they’re online or shopping for a new greenhouse during winter—which material should I choose?

Well, there’s no definite answer to this question. Your new greenhouse’s type, glazing, and material entirely depend on your region’s climate and growing needs.

At Mulberry Greenhouses, we offer a wide range of greenhouses online. Our collection includes both glass and polycarbonate greenhouses. Both materials have their advantages for winter gardeners, and today, we will discuss each of them in detail to help you choose the right one.

So let’s delve into the details.

A polycarbonate greenhouse with light diffusing inside

Heat Conservation

Retaining heat inside a greenhouse is surely every gardener’s biggest concern. Polycarbonate greenhouses have better thermal performance than glass greenhouses in winter. They retain more heat for extended periods and are a better option for keeping your plants cool during summer.

Light Transmission

Glass greenhouses have clear walls, whereas polycarbonate isn’t as clear. The latter has a matte, blurry finish. Some gardeners may argue that polycarbonate greenhouses aren’t as appealing and beautiful as their glass counterparts, which in fact, is quite true. However, polycarbonate is sturdier than glass and has better light diffusion capabilities.

A glass greenhouse with a black frame

Polycarbonate doesn’t allow sunlight to penetrate directly into a greenhouse as glass does. It may also provide better UV resistance to your plants, even during winter.

Both glass and polycarbonate materials come with UV-protectant glazing, but the latter may offer higher efficiency than glass greenhouses.  


Winters are already tough for gardeners, and having a high-maintenance greenhouse can add to the legwork. Glass greenhouses require more attention, more frequent cleaning, and attention to details. They may gather dust and debris more easily than a polycarbonate greenhouse. But that doesn’t mean a glass greenhouse isn’t a good option for winter gardeners. It’s a great choice if the high maintenance factor isn’t important.

A woman standing outside her Solexx greenhouse

On the contrary, polycarbonate greenhouses are very easy to clean. Unlike glass surfaces, they’re not easily damaged or scratched and can retain a high diffusion rate despite dust accumulation.


Greenhouse gardeners are most concerned about their budgetary limitations when buying a greenhouse. Glass greenhouses are often more expensive than polycarbonate greenhouses, so if the price is a major deciding factor, we’d recommend you go for the latter.

Looking for a Polycarbonate or Glass Greenhouse Online? Mulberry Greenhouses Can Help

Choosing a reliable greenhouse seller is imperative to put your money in the right place. However, doing so is tough because many sellers claim to be reliable and authentic. Mulberry Greenhouses steps in as a leading online shop for greenhouse buyers. We’re an authorized seller for local and international brands like Solexx, MONT, Riga, Cross Country, and Lumen & Forge, among more.

You can also check out our vast range of greenhouse accessories for sale online. Call us for more details.

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