Greenhouse work benches

A Guide to Organizing Your Backyard Greenhouse with Shelves and Other Accessories

Greenhouse work benches

No matter how experienced they are, greenhouse gardeners often struggle to manage their gardening products and plants inside a greenhouse. They either fail to organize all of the products or are unable to increase production quantity due to space limitations.

This task, however, isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Putting some thought into your greenhouse interior layout can help you figure out ways to improve its spaciousness. In this blog, our greenhouse gardening experts have outlined all the different ways to organize a backyard greenhouse. Let’s explore them in detail.

Use Shelves and Racks

Greenhouse shelves and racks are an impeccable option for gardeners who want to practice vertical planting techniques.

You can add multiple shelves and tiers to use available wall space and open up floor sections for easier plant management. It is, however, important to install greenhouse shelves in the right spots. You’d want to choose a wall with maximum sunlight exposure and air circulation to help vertical plants experience damage-free growth.

Greenhouse shelves by Solexx

Use Garden Beds

Garden beds are suitable for increasing the height of your soil beds for maximum comfort and ease. They help aging gardeners perform their daily gardening activities easily and also offer space beneath for storage purposes. You can organize your gardening tools and store them under the garden beds for easy access.

Plan a Labeling and Zoning System

Sometimes, tracking your different types of plants can get difficult, especially in the early stages. This problem can lead to poor irrigation and light provision. Label your plants with tiny props popped into the soil. You can also color-coordinate the labels or use wooden spoons and clothespins.

Another useful and effective way to organize your backyard greenhouse is to create plant zones. Establish designated areas for plants according to their hardiness, water requirements, plant food needs, light exposure, etc.

Install an Extension Kit

Consider installing an extension kit after you’ve tried everything to organize your backyard greenhouse and still need more space for production growth and storage. Check out Mulberry Greenhouses’ product range to find quality greenhouse extension kits at affordable prices.

two feet greenhouse extension kit

A greenhouse extension kit seamlessly integrates into an existing structure. It offers long-term additional growing space for a bountiful harvest and can be installed on a permanent or temporary basis.

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