Riverstone Greenhouse and Small Building Exhaust Fan System

What are the Benefits of an Exhaust Fan?

Greenhouse gardening requires you to stay vigilant about the surroundings and weather conditions. Plants growing inside a greenhouse need more attention and care than outdoor ones.

It’s a no brainer that greenhouse gardeners have to optimize heat, air, moisture, and humidity level inside the greenhouse to fuel plant growth and health. Luckily, you don’t have to do all of it manually. Thanks to modern technology and greenhouse accessories sellers like Mulberry Greenhouses now can buy the most amazing features for your greenhouse.

One such greenhouse accessory millions of gardeners swear by is a greenhouse exhaust fan. Let’s dig deeper and talk about the benefits of this accessory in detail.

1. Keeps Pests Out

Yes, a greenhouse exhaust fan is effective in reducing the risk of pests inside a greenhouse. In addition to balancing the humidity level, an exhaust fan also helps you maintain optimal greenhouse temperature. This ultimately stops pests from harboring in soil beds, leading to better and faster plant growth.

A greenhouse exhaust fan can prevent common greenhouse pests like whitefly, blight, rotting, and canker from harming your delicate plants.

2. Keeps the Canopy Dry

Exhaust fans eliminate excessive moisture inside a greenhouse by keeping the plant canopy dry. This is also very important for keeping disease-harboring pests from attacking your plants. Pests love humidity and moisture, and they thrive well in muddy soil beds.

Pair your exhaust fan’s function with an automatic greenhouse heater and misting system for greenhouses to boost its overall impact.

Exhaust Fan Riga and Victorian Greenhouses

3. Improves Pollination and Plant Growth

Inside a greenhouse, plant pollination usually doesn’t occur naturally. Therefore, greenhouse gardeners may need to install pollinators and composters. Greenhouse gardeners need to find efficacious wind substitutes to allow pollination. And this is when a greenhouse exhaust fan comes into play.

This accessory can bring up the airflow and improve ventilation inside a greenhouse. You can also opt for vents, shutters, and additional door kits for bigger greenhouses.

All in all, a greenhouse exhaust fan can lead to better temperature regulation, fresh air flow, pest prevention, and pollination. So what are you waiting for? Shop high-performance exhaust fans for your greenhouse now!

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