What Is the Best Location for a Greenhouse

Different types of Royal Victorian greenhouses

Buying a greenhouse is one thing, but deciding how and where to install it can be more challenging. Greenhouse gardeners rely on the internet and gardening guides to learn about greenhouse flooring, foundation, structure, and location.

Correct greenhouse location is the first, most important decision any gardener has to make. You must maximize and optimize heat, air, and sunlight by choosing the right greenhouse direction. Mulberry Greenhouses is a leading greenhouse kit and greenhouse accessories distributor in the US.

Our expert greenhouse installers have put together this ultimate guide to help you choose the right greenhouse direction.

Know Your Growing Needs and Preferences

Your greenhouse’s material and direction depend on what, why, and when you’re growing. Before you make a decision, assess the kind of plants you will grow inside your greenhouse. Perennials and annuals have different energy needs. Seasonal greenhouse gardening requires more care compared to an annual plantation.

We usually recommend beginners start with a smaller greenhouse space to understand how varying light and heat affects plant growth.

PolycarbonateSolexx greenhouse

Direction Considerations

External and internal greenhouse factors determine its correct direction. Generally, south-to-southeast directions are the best options for greenhouse installation. This direction maximizes sunlight and air exposure to greenhouse plants, even from November to February.

Opt for the east side if you’re unable to install your greenhouse in this direction. You can also choose the southwest and west direction as your last resort. North is the least preferable greenhouse direction as it doesn’t allow adequate sunlight exposure.

Length vs. Widthwise Installation

Lengthwise greenhouse positioning is better than widthwise installation. The first provides better structural grit and balanced light and shade during the day. Many gardeners think that maximum sunlight exposure is necessary for greenhouse plants. While sunlight is important, you may have to cover your plants with a shade cover during the noon.

A Solexx educational greenhouse

Plant deciduous trees around your conservatory or opt for greenhouse shade cloths for a balanced temperature. The latter also prevents tree sap from harming a greenhouse’s covering and walls.

You can rely on Mulberry Greenhouses for complete and unmatched satisfaction. Our branded greenhouse range and greenhouse accessories can meet all of your unique gardening needs. You can also check out our greenhouse heaters, watering systems, and fans.

 A customized Cross Country greenhouse

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