How Does a Riga Greenhouse’s Onion-Shaped Dome Help Improve Gardening Results?

Greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes as modern science and technology have helped greenhouse manufacturers produce functional and high-performance greenhouses. Hobby gardeners and commercial growers are now able to leverage hi-tech greenhouse kits and accessories for better outcomes.

A beautiful Riga greenhouse full of plants

Mulberry Greenhouses offers a wide range of greenhouses in the US. We’re unparalleled in terms of quality, customer service, and order management. Our greenhouse brand range includes Riga greenhouses which are one of the best in the market.

Riga greenhouses are made with excellent quality 8 MM UV coated twin walls and 10 MM end walls. They come in various sizes and allow gardeners to grow all types of plants and crops.

However, many greenhouse gardeners feel confused about Riga greenhouses’ onion-shaped structure. Yes, it’s a unique feature that gives this greenhouse an edge above others.

In this blog, we’ll educate you about the role and meaning of Riga’s onion-shaped greenhouses. So let’s get to the details right away!

What Does an Onion-Shaped Greenhouse Offer?

Onion-shaped greenhouses have greater wind and pressure resistance. They allow wind and snow load to distribute equally and neutralize without overpowering the walls. Riga greenhouse’s onion shape is quality-tested to withstand a wind pressure of as much as 80 miles per hour.

All gardeners need to do is ensure a proper installation and anchoring plan. In addition, Riga greenhouses don’t have eaves that help in preventing snow buildup. All in all, Riga greenhouses are the perfect four-season greenhouse that offers optimum strength, durability, and turnaround in hot, cold, and humid weather.

A Riga greenhouse during the Fall season

Onion-Shaped Greenhouse for Year-Round Gardening

Yes, an onion-shaped greenhouse such as Riga allows gardening enthusiasts to grow plants all year round. There’s no limit to the quality and quantity of your products and therefore, it’s the perfect solution to commercial gardeners’ needs. Riga greenhouses offer the best possible value in terms of their shape, material, endurance, and productivity.

So whether you prefer growing ornamentals, fresh-cut leafy plants, exotic fruits, or delish veggies in your greenhouses, Riga by Hoklartherm is the ultimate answer.

Other Key Features that Make Riga Greenhouses Stand Out

In addition to a functional onion-shaped roof, Riga greenhouses are replete with other notable features such as:

  • Automatic window openers for unobstructed ventilation
  • Onion shape offers maximum headspace inside Riga greenhouses
  • Twin-coated polycarbonate walls
  • Heavy duty Dutch barn door made of sturdy key lock for protection

And that’s not all. You can improve your gardening experience or upgrade your current Riga greenhouse with more efficient, bigger versions. Riga greenhouses are available in 2s, 3s, 4s, medium, and XL sizes. You can install greenhouse accessories such as shelves, garden beds, seed trays, wind restrain window kits, and door extension kits for a better experience.

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