A greenhouse with plants

A Guide to Growing Plants in Tight Spaces

A greenhouse with plants

Who doesn’t like the fresh taste, smell, and ripeness of homegrown fruits and vegetables? And honestly, the flowers you grow at home are much more fragrant and invigorating than the commercially grown ones.

Greenhouse gardening has many perks and benefits. From making you the boss of your yield to allowing you to explore different types of plants and flowers, they offer impeccable advantages. Whether you’re looking to increase the growth rate of your greenhouse plants or want to make sure you’re applying the right methods, we can help.

Read ahead to learn some amazing tips for taking your greenhouse gardening experience to the next level!

1.   Ensure Sunlight and Water Exposure

Growing plants and flowers inside a greenhouse requires adequate air, light, and heat. While several greenhouse accessories like heater, watering system, and greenhouse solar power system are available to optimize energy, you must know the basics.

To ensure high-quality plant yield in an enclosed greenhouse, you must choose the right type of greenhouse according to your region’s climate. For example, during harsh winters, Solexx and Riga greenhouses prove to be extremely beneficial and suitable. What’s more, you can also invest in grow closets to enjoy year-round fruits and veggies growth in your own enclosed space.

2.   Garden According to Your Greenhouse’s Surface Area

The next thing to ensure when choosing which plants to grow in an enclosed space, AKA a greenhouse, you should know the surface area available. For example, plants that grow into long vines and small trees aren’t suitable for small greenhouses.

According to your space and requirement, buy an appropriately sized greenhouse. At Mulberry Greenhouses, we stock the best and affordable Riga, Solexx, Monticello, and exaco greenhouse for sale. You can couple them with the right greenhouse kit and accessories to make the most of every inch of the available space.

Some of the best picks for beginner greenhouse gardeners include the Solexx 8ft x 8ft Garden Master or the versatile Riga 2S with a built-in shelving system.

3.   Develop a Good Crop Schedule

The third most important thing that influences the quality and quantity of your plants grown inside a greenhouse is a crop schedule. Not knowing which seeds to sow in which season can be quite challenging.

Greenhouse gardeners should always invest time in curating sowing, harvesting, and temperature management plan. This schedule should involve all the methods, tips, and strategies that enable you to use your greenhouse space to its full potential.

4.   Fertilizing

It’s a no-brainer that growing plants and flowers—even inside an enclosed space—requires premium quality soil and fertilizer. From aged manures and leaves to compost, you can use several types of fertilizers to enhance the yield. Choose Solexx greenhouses that offer a 10-year warranty with impeccable paneling. With an R-value of 2.1, these greenhouses offer efficiency and cost savings that help you focus more on buying greenhouse kits and accessories.

At Mulberry Greenhouses, we offer high quality composter, garden beds, and heating system for greenhouses that promote healthy plant growth and a bountiful harvest.

If you’re looking for a reliable seller of cold frame greenhouses, portable walk-in greenhouses, or a Royal Victorian Greenhouse for sale, we’re the answer!

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