Tips for Protecting Your Greenhouse and Plants This Winter


Gardeners have a love-hate relationship with winter. But it can be one of the most rewarding seasons if you have a winter greenhouse.

Greenhouses offer an impeccable solution to pesky winter issues. Customizable temperature, humidity, and heat levels help you maintain an ideal environment for your plants all season long. But how does one do that?

The answer lies in procuring the right greenhouse accessories. Couple these products with expert tips mentioned in this blog for guaranteed success, even on the coldest days!

1. Maintain Adequate Warmth

Most plants, especially the hardy ones, can grow and survive inside a greenhouse at a minimum temperature of 37 degrees. However, to protect your greenhouse and delicate ornamentals and seasonal plants, you must ensure a warmer climate inside your conservatory. Half-hardy citrus plants require at least 45 degrees to survive and grow and are at their best at around 50 degrees.

Greenhouse accessories like shade cloths, vents, circulation fans, and heaters are your best bet for controlling temperature and humidity inside a greenhouse.

A highly sturdy and reliable Riga greenhouse for sale

2. Prevent Frost at All Costs

Frost is the most challenging problem gardeners face during winter. You may not have to worry about it if you have a sturdy winter-friendly greenhouse like a Riga or Cross Country. But you may need extra insulation to protect your plants inside a colder glass greenhouse. Greenhouses usually have at least a two-degree variance in inside and outside temperatures.

Plants covered in frost

You can keep your plants from freezing by ensuring they remain as dry as possible without cutting their daily water needs. Try the grouping technique to simplify the watering process. And for maximum peace of mind, invest in a propagator or heater with a thermostat for automatic heating inside your greenhouse.

3. Don’t Over Water Your Plants

The dampness of soil plays an integral role in plants’ health and growth during the winter season. A plant with extremely moist soil is at a higher risk of getting struck by frost. Higher water retention in the roots and soil can harm a plant’s vascular system and prevent it from absorbing heat and light. Avoid over-watering your plants during winters, and opt for soil-warming cables that are ideal for protecting baby plants.

Greenhouse gardening experts also recommend gardeners install ample lighting sources, such as greenhouse grow lights available at Mulberry Greenhouses. You can also check out our wide range of branded winter greenhouses and greenhouse kits to elevate your gardening experience.

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Blueberries growing inside a greenhouse during winters

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