Shipping & Return Policy

Fast shipping and Easy Returns Motor Freight Carrier

Terms and Conditions:

Mulberry Greenhouses will handle your shipping from the minute you place the other until you receive, we are committed to sending you order as fast we can. 

Before Placing an order:

  • When placing the order please make sure you have easy access for an 18 wheeler (no narrow roads or hanging wires).
  • The 18 wheeler is driven by one person, we ask that you are present to provide help. The truck usually comes with a lift gate and the delivery guy will do most of the work, however, we ask that you have a couple of people there to help unload and to sign off on the delivery. 
  • The delivery company provides curb side delivery. The delivery person cannot lift the greenhouse to a garage or another location.  For large greenhouses, we recommend renting a fork lift to help carry the greenhouse to the specific location of your choice. 
  • Once the greenhouse is shipped, the freight company will call you to provide a timeframe for the delivery. Please make sure you or an authorized person is present during the delivery.


  •       ✔   We offer free Standard Shipping in the Continental USA.*
  •       ✔   After placing the order, you will be receiving a confirmation email . If the item is in stock, the manufacturer will ship the item within 5 business days. You will also be receiving a tracking number once the item ships (24 hours from the shipping date).  if the item is not in stock, the supplier will let us know about the availability time frame necessary for the shipment to take place and we will update you.
  •       ✔   If you haven't heard from us 5 business days from placing the order, please email us at or you contact us via the Contact US page.        

                ✔  If you live in a rural area that has narrow roads, please understand that the greenhouses are not delivered in the regular UPS/FEDEX delivery trucks, they are actually delivered in regular PUP or 18-wheelers (with 9 feet high boxes on their trailers) – these trucks are about 13 feet high – which is much higher and wider than a regular delivery truck. We will need to find a better way to get the greenhouse to you, however, please inform us if you live in an area with difficult roads so we can find a better solution for the delivery.

***Free Shipping

We ship everything for free* in the continental United States! However, in the rare occasion where your delivery location has limited access (narrow roads, islands, low hanging wires, major metropolitan areas etc...) the freight could be more expensive and might incurr additional fees. In that case, we will contact you to confirm the extra cost before we process your order.

  •       ✔  Due to COVID19, some items might need to be pre-ordered due to  high-demand. We will also inform you if there are any unforseen changes to the  date of delivery. 

    Upon receiving your delivery:

    •       ✔   We advice that you inspect the boxes upon receipt of your shipment. Please check for any missing boxes or packages. Also, inspect for any damages of the packages and notate on the bill of landing before signing for your shipment. If you notice a discrepancy between what you ordered and what was delivered, please notate the number of missing boxes on your copy and the driver's in case of damage. Also, make sure the driver signs both copies. In case of damage, please take pictures of the unopened boxes in order for us to determine the next step. Make sure you write the word "DAMAGED" in both your receipt and the driver's and get him to sign both copies. We ask that you let us know about any possible damage no more than 4 days after the date it was delivered. If you have are not responsible for the damage, the shipper will be charged to fix the delivered product.
    •         ✔ If the order is damaged, we will do everything we can to send replacement parts from the manufacturer, or redeliver if necessary. 
    •         ✔  For EXACO products (Riga, Janssens) The Large Greenhouses are delivered by common carrier (truck with liftgate) but curb-side only.  This means that if you require a delivery of the large greenhouse to the door, this will cost extra. This is the standard for the industry and is a requirement from the manufacturer. All online merchants are required to abide by these rules (even if they don't disclose it which most won't).   Also, a customer or a representative is asked to be present to receive the delivery and to provide help unloading it (especially large greenhouses). 

    Return Policy

    In Mulberry Greenhouses, we are committed to offering you the best quality items that are available in the market, with the best service. We have adopted a Return process that is easy and hassle free:

    •         ✔ We want you to be happy with the product you have purchased, but in the unlikely event that you don't, we can definitely help you find a better choice by offering an exchange or a replacement, or refund you the money within 30 days from the day the product was delivered. Feel free to ask any questions before placing an order.
    •         ✔ If you would like to replace the item, Mulberry Greenhouses will ship the new items once we receive the damaged merchandise. If a Product is not found to be defective will be treated as a normal return.
    •        ✔  Please email us at about the items you would like to return, the order number and your personal information (first and last name, address) for verification purposes.
    •        ✔If you would like to cancel an order that hasn't shipped yet, we will charge you a 2.6% fee. That fee covers some of the charges that we have been charged when processing your order.
    •         ✔ All returns must be approved before they can be shipped back and a 25% restocking fee will be charged if you refuse delivery of your order.
    •         ✔ Once an order is approved to be returned, we will issue a return  reference number, please do not return before receiving the number.
    •        ✔  you will be charged shipping cost for the returned item, unless the item is defective when delivered, -Please follow Upon receiving your delivery section for detailed instructions
    •       ✔The return needs to be in its original packaging.


      •       ✔ Some items cannot be returned or refunded. Those include orders that are customized, made to order and orders that clearly state that they are not returnable in the product's page or on the box.


    Please make sure you contact your local community and research all necessary information about compliance regarding building codes, statutes and permits. Codes and statues can be different from state to state and we cannot be held responsible for the compliance with codes. 

     Canceling Or Modifying Order

    • If you realized that you needed to cancel or modify an order after placing it, please let us know asap.
    • If you decided to cancel an order and it hasn't shipped yet, you will be charged an 8% fee.
    • If an item has already been shipped to you then, you will be responsible for:
    •          ✔ All shipping (two way shipping)
    •          ✔ 25% restocking fee
    •          ✔ and/or Handling fees

    If you cancel the order after the item has been shipped or you refuse a package from any of the carriers or the package has been returned to us after attempting to deliver it 3 times, we will deduct a 25% restocking fee and two way shipping and handling fees from your refund.