Gardening Like A Pro—5 Greenhouse Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

A person working in a greenhouse

Not everybody is born with a green thumb and if you’ve developed an interest in gardening recently, well, welcome to the club!

First things first, you need to buy a greenhouse kit—we highly recommend the Riga greenhouse we have for sale.

Once you’ve set up the greenhouse, you need to dive headfirst into truckloads of information. Because without the right guidance, you may end up losing interest in your hobby greenhouse pretty fast.

Here are a few basic dos and don'ts you can start with.

DO: Remember to Ventilate

A lot of people don’t realize this, but there is such a thing as too much humidity. Contrary to everything you’ve heard, greenhouses are not meant to stay closed all the time. They need not be ventilated to get rid of excess condensation and humidity.

Keep the greenhouse door open when you can. The necessary air circulation is essential for plants that may otherwise die from diseases. They may also get overheated if they’re always shut up. To avoid this you can use exhaust fans designed for greenhouses.

A greenhouse in a sunny spot with an open door

DON’T: Forget to Plan Well

While you've probably looked up a list of the best things to grow in a greenhouse, it's a good idea to map out the greenhouse before you start planting it all. Certain vine plants like pumpkins and tomatoes or tall ones can become a hindrance for the other small plants you grow with them.

To avoid shading the smaller ones, either don’t grow them in the same space or grow them at separate times.

DO: Set It Up in A Sunny Spot

When setting up a greenhouse, you need to find the sunniest spot. Some people may tell you that greenhouses need to be in less sunlight but hear us out.

If the sunlight is too much for the plants you’re growing, you can always use shade cloths and cool the greenhouse artificially. But you can’t do much about lack of sunlight and heating can get expensive. So make sure that your greenhouse is facing the southwest for a direct dose of sunlight each day.

A greenhouse with shade cloth

DON’T: Overlook the Importance of Shade Cloths

Different plants require different amounts of sunlight. And even during the winters, some plants may need to be shielded from the harsh winter rays of the sun. Moreover, greenhouses with their covers can actually trap excessive heat inside, so a shade can help protect the plants from any extra sunlight.

DO: Buy Essential Greenhouse Accessories

Setting up a bare greenhouse is hardly going to be enough. To get the best results you need to fit it with the necessary accessories. Especially because in a greenhouse, you’re trying to artificially control all the factors helping your plants grow. There are tools available to help you do this. Invest in them.

You’re going to need things like watering systems, heaters, grow lights, shade cloths, fans, greenhouse solar power system, composters, and much more.


If all that sounds like too much, you can start with a glass greenhouse for sale, along with some basic greenhouse accessories like a Misting System for Greenhouses and so on.

Give us a call to learn more and place an order.


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