Greenhouse Grow lights and Their Impact on Plant Health and Growth Rate

Greenhouse Grow lights and Their Impact on Plant Health and Growth Rate

Illumitex Eclipse Grow lightWhether you’re growing plants in your backyard or a sustainable greenhouse, plants need light for healthy growth. Now, getting adequate light inside a greenhouse can be a challenge, especially in winter, when you don’t get adequate sunlight all day long.

This is why you need to buy greenhouse accessories such as grow lights to give the plants the light they need. Let’s take an in-depth look into the world of greenhouse grow lights and their likely impact on plant health and growth rate.

Why Greenhouse Owners Need to Buy Grow Lights

Grow lights allow hobby growers to produce food all year long. You can use grow lights to produce a range of plants, no matter where you live. That said, you must choose the right bulb or light to grow your favorite herbs, fruits, and vegetables year-round.

Grow lights are designed to either supplement a lack of natural sunlight or be a substitute that stimulates the photosynthesis process within plants. They’re ideal for areas that experience little to no sunlight all year.

People who wish to extend their growing season into the winter when the number of sunlight decreases should invest in quality lighting to ensure proper plant growth.

There’s no denying that plants grown in greenhouses yield a better harvest when provided with an adequate amount of photosynthetic light. You’ll get more leafy greens and bigger, juicier fruit when plants receive the right amount of light.

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The Type of Grow Lights Available

There are many options in the market for grow lights. You can choose high-pressure sodium, fluorescent, metal halide, or LED lights.

High-Pressure Sodium Lights

These lights are ideal for backyard farmers looking to grow fruits and flowers. They produce intense, bright light with orange and red hues suited for fruit and flower growth. However, they tend to get incredibly hot, and you’ll have to invest in a proper ventilation system to manage the temperature inside the greenhouse.

Fluorescent Lights

These lights are perfect for plants that need lower light levels or are seedlings. They’re relatively affordable, and you’ll find them easily in greenhouse stores. That said, these lights aren’t ideal as a primary lighting source. They work well when used as supplementary lighting.

plants are growing in a greenhouse

Metal Halide Lights

These lights are incredibly powerful and can work well as a primary lighting source. They work well with all kinds of plants and have incredible longevity as they can last up to 20,000 hours! They also have a lumen output rating of about 100lm per watt, but they do become quite hot.

LED Lights

LED lights might not be the most popular choice around, but there are still some incredible benefits of using LED lights. Even though many people feel that this technology is not quite up to the mark, they do provide the following benefits:

  • They’re environment-friendly and don’t shatter like normal glass might.
  • They can last up to five times longer than fluorescent lights and consume less electricity.
  • They provide a full spectrum of light.

You can buy amazing LED light systems from Mulberry Greenhouses. We have The Gama Sonic Light My Shed 4 and Illumitex Eclipse GEN2 Bar LED grow light in stock that provides the necessary light that your plants need to grow and thrive in a greenhouse environment.

You can supplement these lights by installing a greenhouse solar power system, which can be ideal from an energy-saving point of view, especially as energy costs are rise in the US.

 The Gama Sonic Light

Where to Find Quality Greenhouse Grow Lights and Accessories

If you’re looking for quality greenhouse grow lights and other accessories, check out Mulberry Greenhouses. We are a one-stop solution for all your greenhouse needs. You can buy portable greenhouses, automatic greenhouse watering systems, and misting systems for greenhouses.

We have partnered with leading brands such as Solexx, Exaco, and Riga to provide our customers with some of the best greenhouses. Explore our website today or contact us now for more details.

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