A kid with his hands in the soil

Best Greenhouses for School and Community Gardening Projects

A kid with his hands in the soil

Are you a school administrator, an NGO manager, or a community event organizer hosting a gardening event? We have an exciting idea for you! Hosting your upcoming event in a greenhouse can be an unforgettable experience. It can expose your students, attendants, and guests to a unique and immersive environment.

A greenhouse offers an enclosed, safe, and weather-proof environment that can be an ideal space for learning, experimenting, and exploring. These private conservatories can be used as an art room, an aeroponics garden, or an elegant community gardening event space!

In this detailed blog, our experts have discussed the finest greenhouses for community and school gardening applications. We’ve taken various factors such as size, durability, structure, and accessibility into account to offer you the best greenhouse advice. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Hoklarthem Riga XL

Riga greenhouses are ideal for altitude spaces and harsh weather regions.

It will keep your events and workshops safe from winds and rain while letting the learners and gardeners enjoy themselves to the fullest. Riga offers products in every size, form, and price range, making it one of the most popular greenhouse kits in the US.

The Riga XL commercial greenhouses pop into our mind when we think of community and educational gardening. It’s spacious, durable, and weather-resistance with significant snow and wind load capacity.

A Riga XL greenhouse at dawn

The Riga XL commercial greenhouse features 16 mm triple-wall polycarbonate frames for year-round gardening and educational projects. You can use it to host community events, bake sales, or create an art studio for students.

With an ample interior space covered 14 x 23-26 ft., the Riga XL greenhouses are available under the price point of $20,000, which is brilliant considering these greenhouses can last for decades!

2. Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse

A greenhouse as durable as Solexx is a fantastic resource for schools and community gardens. You can use it to give your students hands-on gardening experience or host your next family flower show.

Available in a wide footprint of 16 x 16 ft., Solexx greenhouses are one of the largest US-made polycarbonate greenhouses in the market. They feature a significantly tall roof making them perfect for vertical gardening and aeroponics without taking up too much space.

Solexx conservatory has a linear interior of 16’ x 16’ x 9’ 6”, which makes it a great space for trailing plants and bench work. Education and community centers often require widespread greenhouses to accommodate students, and the Solexx Conservatory delivers just that!

Its heavy-duty composite frame also keeps weather impact at bay and protects the interior from pests and insects, and you can upgrade it to 5mm panels for snow-prone, altitude areas. The company provides complete customization freedom with greenhouse accessories like tie-down kits, louver openers, base vents, and wire bench shelves. And the best part is that the Solexx Conservatory large greenhouse costs only around $10,000, making it a highly affordable alternative to Riga, Exaco, and MONT.

3. Riverstone Large-Scale Greenhouses

Looking for something more attractive and functional? Consider Riverstone greenhouses!

They’re available in many shapes and sizes. However, right now, we’re discussing its full range of large, commercial-grade conservatories. They make an excellent choice for community and school gardening applications and are available at an attractive price.

Riverstone greenhouses are known for their durability, superior structural qualities, and high-end design features.

A kid inside a greenhouse with a basket

Riverstone Wallace, Whitney, Jefferson, and Thoreau Greenhouses

All of these greenhouses are available in sizes ranging from 12 x 18, 12 x 24, and 16 x 24 to 16 x 30 ft. They’re a part of the Riverstone Educational greenhouse packages and are specifically designed for horticulture programs, correctional centers, and gardeners.

Featuring a galvanized steel frame, corrugated roof and walls, and approx. 20 years of life expectancy, the Riverstone educational greenhouses are definitely worth buying. Their design is also different from your regular hobby or commercial greenhouses as it offers a large room for students and a secure environment for safety purposes. The interior climate can be controlled using the built-in thermostat. Moreover, these greenhouses are designed according to building codes and local ordinances as per your location.

A large Riverstone commercial greenhouse

However, you may have to notify the seller about your local codes and area regulations to ensure that they ship a compliant product.

Tips for Choosing the Right Greenhouse for Gardening Projects

Incorporating gardening as a supplemental educational tool into your institute’s curriculum can reap astounding benefits. It brings kids closer to nature, helps them relax, and inculcates a sense of eco-consciousness and sustainable lifestyle habits. The same goes for community gardening projects and events where you can allow hundreds of people to benefit from home-gardening practices.

Considering the extent of the impact that you’ll make on your students and community, it’s important to pay attention to the greenhouse buying process. Picking the right commercial or educational greenhouse is necessary to ensure the safety of your community.

A community gardening event setup inside a greenhouse

Here are some things you should keep in mind when buying a community gardening conservatory:

  • Analyze and identify the number of students
  • Decide what kind of plants you will be growing
  • Project a future expansion plan
  • Consider the weather and climate of your area before picking an educational greenhouse
  • Pick a greenhouse that supports end-to-end gardening cycles starting from germination and propagation to soil mixing and harvesting
  • Pay attention to the snow and wind loads for maximum safety
  • Consider purchasing a greenhouse that can be extended in the future to accommodate a larger group of students or a bigger community gardening event

We Can Help!

Now that you have a list of the four most attractive greenhouses for your upcoming community and school projects, the next step is to find a reliable seller. Mulberry Greenhouses is a woman-run, US-based, quality-driven greenhouse distributor offering all kinds of greenhouses at discounts.

Vi46 large greenhouse

We’re an official distributor of world-renowned greenhouse brands such as Solexx, Riga, MONT, Cross Country, Lumen & Forge, and Exaco, among more!

Our website is replete with greenhouse kits and accessories, and you can make the most of our exclusive Spring Season sale to buy your favorite products. Don’t forget to learn more about greenhouse gardening, DIY greenhouse projects, and gardening dos and don’ts in our Greenhouse Guides section. For more details, call us today.

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