A Riga XL greenhouse

The Benefits Riga XL Greenhouses for Commercial Gardeners

A Riga XL greenhouse

We all talk about how the pandemic and the need for safer, eco-friendlier gardening practices fueled greenhouse gardening’s popularity in the US. But do you know that the global greenhouse horticultural industry is expected to grow at a staggering rate of 8% by 2023?

Yes, you read that right! It means greenhouse gardeners have a glistening opportunity to upscale their greenhouse businesses and generate more revenue. Or if you’re a hobby gardener who wants to turn their leisure time gardening into something more concrete, now’s the time to go commercial.

But wait, before you do all that, you must choose the right commercial greenhouse that can help you increase your greenhouse operations to kick-start a business or grow an existing one. Introducing the Riga XL greenhouse!

A Brief Introduction to Riga

You’re missing out on quite a lot if you haven’t heard or learned about Riga greenhouses and accessories. Riga is a German brand and its greenhouses are engineered, designed, produced, and exported directly from Germany. Riga’s range includes all kinds of greenhouse products from commercial and sunroom conservatories to small greenhouses. It has managed to gain a stronghold reputation in the industry due to its durable products.

A Riga greenhouse

With over 28 years in the industry, Riga’s team has perfected the art of producing the finest greenhouses for commercial gardeners. In this blog, we will talk about the Riga XL greenhouse. As the name suggests, this greenhouse is quite large and spacious but also loaded with exceptional features. So let’s discuss its benefits for commercial gardeners.

More Room for Production

Commercial greenhouse gardeners are always trying to upscale their production to meet increasing fresh produce demand in the country. And choosing the Riga XL greenhouse can be their best move yet. This greenhouse measures 14x10x16 ft. and is a professional product. It has a spacious interior with 9 ft. headroom, two-way split doors, and over 16 ft. of total length.  

Adequate Ventilation

You must be wondering if maintaining a consistent environment in a big greenhouse like the Riga XL is difficult. Here’s the good news—this greenhouse comes with German-made, pre-installed window and door kits. The windows measure around 40 inches and are coupled with two heavy-duty Dutch barn doors. You will also get 4 automatic roof vents that make temperature maintenance easy for commercial gardeners.

A Riga greenhouse

Sturdy Material = Extended Production Quality

A greenhouse’s material plays a pivotal role in determining the quality and quantity of its plants. This is a very important buying factor that commercial gardeners shouldn’t ignore. The Riga XL greenhouse features 16mm triple wall polycarbonate walls with GE glazing. It’s the sturdiest polycarbonate grade, with a U-value of 0.56 and an R-value of 2.0.

Riga XL greenhouses feature triple-wall 16mm polycarbonate panels compared to other greenhouses that have no more than 8mm thick polycarbonate panels. Riga XL’s thicker, highly insulant, and sturdy panels don’t just work as a season extender but also prevent all kinds of weather damage. This greenhouse is completely UV-protected and comes with heavy-duty rubber seals and silicon caulking for insulation.

A boy standing inside a Riga greenhouse

You don’t have to worry about your Riga XL’s snow and wind resistance as it can handle a load of as much as 185psf, which is more than any other same-sized greenhouse in the market!

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