A gardener standing on a ladder

5 DIY Greenhouse Projects: Build Your Own Greenhouse on a Budget

A gardener standing on a ladder

Greenhouses are the ideal solution for gardening lovers who don’t want heat, rain, and other external factors to impact their gardening cycles. Another thing we particularly love about greenhouses is that you can make or assemble one yourself!

Building a greenhouse is a fantastic way of getting your hands dirty while creating a custom growing space for your favorite plants. A DIY greenhouse project can undeniably be your most fulfilling and enjoyableendeavor todate! Whether you have a small budget or a 5-figure amount, you can easily kick-starta DIY greenhouse project to satisfy your green thumb.

A woman counting dollars for her next greenhouse project

Continue reading to discover more about our top 5 pocket-friendly DIY greenhouses!

Preparing to Build a DIY Greenhouse

Whether you choose to build a geo-dome greenhouse or a wooden customized greenhouse, you must take the following steps to build a solid foundation:

Pick a spot where you want to build your greenhouse. Use this guide to pick the right greenhouse orientation for maximum productivity:What Is the Best Location for a Greenhouse

  • Remove at least 8 inches of soil and make a rock base layer

However, there are various types of greenhouse foundations you can choose from. Learn more about them here:The Essential Guide To A Greenhouse Foundation

  • You can also use compact dirt. We recommend you top it off with at least 3/4thinches of limestone.
  • If you’re building a permanent greenhouse, consider building a mini retaining wall. Make sure you get the dimensions right for an easier building process.
  • Use your timber, PVC, aluminum, or any other frame material to kick-start the structural framework
A small lean-to greenhouse foundation prep aerial view

1. A T-ShapedGreenhouse

Building a greenhouse may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we fully encourage gardening lovers to explore and experiment. Who knows, you might turn out to be a naturally talented greenhouse builder.

Building or assembling a DIY greenhouse kit isn’t difficult as long as you follow the instructions and follow the best practices for maximum structural sturdiness. Our first DIY greenhouse pick is a small T-shapedgreenhouse. This unusually unique yet highly appealing greenhouse is known for its extraordinary aesthetics and functional appeal.

Start with the front wall and set its height to six feet minimum for improved mobility. Leave out a measured center stud for door installation. Wood timber is ideal for DIY—ingaT-shaped greenhouse as it’s easy to screw, level, and secure. Use quality anchors to stabilize the walls and repeat the process for the entire structure.

2. A Geo-Dome Greenhouse

According to the Northern Homestead, a geo-dome greenhouse is perfect for gardeners who live in cold regions but want to maximize their year-round gardening output. This greenhouse features a unique dome shape structure that withstands better snow and wind load. To kick-start your DIY geodesic dome greenhouse project, you’d need lumber such as durable Douglas Fir. You’ll also require some screws and your favorite greenhouse covering material.

A geo-dome greenhouse

We recommend that home-based gardeners opt for PVC sheets or greenhouse, and commercial growers can upscale their dome greenhouse by reusing polycarbonate sheets from old greenhouses. These greenhouses can last up to 5 years if maintained and upgraded with sturdy locks, insulation, and greenhouse films.

Follow this guide for all the steps to measuring, assembling, and covering your DIY geo-dome greenhouse.

3. Lean-To Small Greenhouse

A lean-to DIY greenhouse is probably the easiest greenhouse that you can build. It doesn’t require a completely new structure and is built against a wall. It’s even more ideal if you can build a lean-to greenhouse between two buildings with a quality greenhouse covering or glazing material.

It will cost you around $200 to $1,000 to build a lean-to greenhouse depending on the desired size, orientation, and types of products. Make sure you keep your DIY lean-to greenhouse’s height to 12 feet maximum. It should also have an ample footprint for mobility, sunlight exposure, and plant growth.

Another exciting benefit of a lean-to greenhouse is its energy-efficiency. You may not have to install additional greenhouse accessories and connect your conservatory to the adjoining building’s energy sources to save money and billing costs.

A lean-to greenhouseis an ideal choice for gardeners who live in a hurricane-prone zone or in inland areas that receive hail and tornadoes. You will have to dig a 6-inch deep trend to install the given foundation kit before placing a Riga small over it.

Tools for building a wooden greenhouse

4. An Upcycled Greenhouse

Last but not the least, you can build a greenhouse from materials available on hand! This includes doors, windows, glass panels, and other salvaged building materials that can easily integrate into a DIY greenhouse structure. However, the only issue with an upcycled greenhouse is its energy efficiency and heat conservation properties.

If you decide to upcycle a greenhouse, you’d require professional assistance for insulating and weatherproofing your DIY greenhouse structure. Other key resources that you’d require to minimize the structural issues include a greenhouse heating system, additional louvers, and a tie-down kit.

5. Go Sustainable with a Straw Bale Greenhouse

Straw bale greenhouses are becoming increasingly popular among gardeners who want a short-term growing space for their seasonal plants. Moreover, it’s a completely natural and durable substitute for other greenhouse materials. A straw bale greenhouse is created by stacking straw bales with a quality greenhouse shade cover.

Moreover, straw bales can also be used to create garden beds for growing plants. However, make sure that the straw bales you’re using are not sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals before.

A gardener with soil in his hands

In addition, you can try building a greenhouse on a stem wall, a lean-to greenhouse next to a wall, shed, or a room, or also explore the idea of building a cold-frame, portable greenhouse!

Learn more: Greenhouse on a Stem Wall

Head over to our greenhouse building guides for more insights on this topic!

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