Greenhouse flooring by Solexx

4 Best Solexx Greenhouse Accessories

Choosing and buying a greenhouse is one thing, but maintaining and upgrading it is another. When taking care of your greenhouse, you’d need the right equipment made by a reliable company to ensure long-lasting and efficient results.

Solexx is a leading American greenhouse manufacturer that offers high-quality polycarbonate greenhouses. They make hobby and commercial grade greenhouses that help people grow luscious, highly-valuable plants and food crops.

Greenhouse flooring by Solexx

Solexx is known for its vast range of greenhouse kits and accessories. Some of its most popular greenhouse series include the Garden Master and the Early Bloomer. But that’s not just what Solexx is famous about. The company manufactures high-end greenhouse accessories to help greenhouse gardeners boost their greenhouse performance.

In this blog, our experts at Mulberry Greenhouses have discussed the four essential greenhouse accessories by Solexx and their role in optimizing greenhouse production.

1. Solexx Greenhouse Shelves

Reinforcing, space optimizing, and versatile greenhouse shelving makes it easier to sort, categorize, and store plants in a proper way. Greenhouse gardeners, especially the ones working in smaller greenhouses, often struggle with space availability. Solexx offers an easy and user-friendly greenhouse accessory that takes away the hassle of organizing a greenhouse.

Solexx greenhouse shelves are sturdy wire racks that allow light, air, and heat to pass through, ultimately boosting air circulation inside a greenhouse. They’re white powder-coated, which can prevent rust and corrosion. All you have to do is take out the shelves and use the provided mountain ties to secure the shelves in position.

Greenhouse shelves by Solexx

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2. Greenhouse Air Circulation Fan

Every greenhouse gardener must install a circulation fan for healthy, well-nourished, and quality produce. And Solexx has the perfect product for them. The Solexx air circulation fan is reliable and functional made with aluminum blades and a sturdy body. This circulation fan is ideal for greenhouse ventilation improvement.

 A Solexx air circulation fan

What’s best is that the Solexx greenhouse circulation fan has low noise production, a maintenance-free motor, and different speed limits. You can install this fan directly on your greenhouse’s wall for constant, balanced, well-distributed air for your plants.

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3. Solexx Greenhouse Flooring

Greenhouse flooring comes in all shapes and forms. You can choose concrete-based, soil-based, or pebble flooring, but our favorite is the Solexx greenhouse flooring. It’s the most amazing product to give your greenhouse a sleeker finish.

The Solexx greenhouse flooring is made of durable polypropylene and has excellent capability to prevent rust, weeds, and unwanted insects from crawling around. It allows excess water to drain easily and comes with an easy installation kit.

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4. Solexx Greenhouse Shade Cloths

A greenhouse is perfect for season extension and growing your favorite flower, fruit, or veggie irrespective of the season. However, you need to ensure optimal heat, air, and moisture levels inside your greenhouse for healthier and unhampered plant growth. Greenhouse gardeners must install greenhouse accessories that balance heat inside a greenhouse.

Solexx greenhouse shade cloth

That’s where Solexx greenhouse 50% polypropylene shade cloths come in. These shade cloths lower a greenhouse’s temperature and prevent excess UV rays from entering the greenhouse.

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