What Type of Greenhouses Do You Need for Your School?

A woman is holding a plant in a pot

In hands-on learning, students learn through experiential learning. This means that teaching, in this case, is beyond textbooks and written exams; it's done through actions.

When children learn through doing, they are encouraged to think outside of the box to solve complex problems. It gives students a chance to practice something real, to be creative, and to learn differently.

Research suggests that students perform better in science when learning through hands-on doing. One such activity that plays a pivotal role in learning a child is gardening, and many schools are trying to bring it back. 

Benefits of Gardening

Gardening has proven to be an important part of a student's learning experience. Taking care of a plant from seed to fruit is a long, tedious process that requires regular attention. This way, gardening can improve concentration, responsibility, and patience.

Complementary activities like learning about the plant's lifecycle, selling it, or painting pots can also form science, math, and art lessons.

Greenhouses at School

Installing greenhouses is a great way to ensure participation from the entire student body and enable beginner gardeners (your students) to get invested. These are a great way to keep students engaged and learning effectively. Therefore, schools want to invest in a greenhouse that enhances the learning experience. 

Riga Greenhouses

Riga Greenhouses are manufactured by Hoklartherm, a leader in the greenhouse industry, and are ideal for school or educational purposes. They are famous for their long-lasting and sturdy greenhouses which come in varying sizes. They're cost-effective and promote self-growth due to their ample light transition and air circulation due to large roof windows.

They are easy to navigate and are perfect for schools due to their ease in the planting experience.

Solexx Conservatory

These are the most spacious greenhouses on the market, which is why they are ideal for schools, hospitals, nurseries, etc. They are tall and can sustain even trees. They also provide easy access through two doors, which are sturdy and lockable.

Wallace Educational Greenhouse

This educational greenhouse is great for amateurs, such as students, but also experienced gardeners. These are the perfect and most cost-effective ways to introduce an agriculture plan into the curriculum. They are also popular in rehabilitation facilities to decrease stress and create distractions.

It comes with a watering system, two workbenches, a thermostat, etc. These qualities make it easier for educators to navigate a student's learning process.

A student is gardening in a greenhouse

What We Have for You

At Mulberry Greenhouses, we understand the importance of experiential learning and learning through gardening. We know that greenhouses can play a pivotal role in this process in schools. Therefore, we offer a range of educational greenhouses, including all of the ones mentioned above.

You can also buy greenhouse accessories, such as affordable greenhouse kits, greenhouse solar power system, and much more. To learn more, contact us today.

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