A garden during spring

How to Prepare Your Greenhouse for Spring 2023

A garden during spring

Detailed prep and correct growing techniques can make spring one of the best seasons for greenhouse gardeners.

As the cold and dark winter days end, you can prepare your greenhouse for a rewarding growing season. So now’s the best time to get your green cap on and prepare your greenhouse for the upcoming spring season.

Read this detailed blog to discover the four key ways to prepare your greenhouse for springtime.

1. Spring Clean Your Greenhouse

Yes, greenhouses also require deep cleaning. It’s necessary to get rid of dust and debris your greenhouse might have accumulated during winter. Start by removing old, dead plants, leaves, and mulch to prevent mold and mildew spores. You can repurpose useable mulch to create a fine compost for spring plants.

2. Examine Your Greenhouse

Wintertime may have allowed bugs and slugs to thrive inside your greenhouse. That’s why it’s important to check for pests in your greenhouse once you’re done removing dead plants. Examine its floors, shelves, soil beds, tools, and furniture items. Replace broken or damaged seed trays and soil with new, high-quality products.

Don’t forget to check your greenhouse for leaks, dents, cracks, and insulation issues, and make sure all the vents, doors, and other greenhouse accessories are working properly.

Plants growing in the spring season

3. Improve Ventilation

Spring is an ideal time for growing a variety of plants inside your greenhouse. But before you sow the seeds or bring in baby roots, invest in ventilation-boosting greenhouse products.

Air circulation and adequate humidity are extremely important for plants. They also help prevent pests and plant diseases during spring. Install a greenhouse automation vent, a solar-powered greenhouse system, or an automatic air circulation fan to improve your conservatory’s efficiency. You can also add a door kit for dual-way access and a fresh breeze for your plants.

Open vents on a greenhouse roof

4. Get the Soil Ready

Healthy soil means healthy plants. Start by loosening the hardened soil using a gardening or kitchen fork. Aerate the soil bed and fluff up the soil mass to create a cavity for new plants. We also recommend you conduct a quick soil pH and moisture test to understand its nutrient level.

A gardener checking soil quality

For best results, add natural fertilizer, compost, Sulphur product, or limestone to boost the soil’s health and richness.

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