How Much Water Do Plants Need in a Greenhouse?

Watering plants inside a greenhouse

Over or under-watering your greenhouse plants can hamper their steady and healthy growth. Not only do gardeners need to create a balanced diet plan for their plants, but they also ensure that they’re hydrated properly. However, different plants have different water requirements.

According to the experts at Mulberry Greenhouses, installing an automatic greenhouse watering system is the most effective way to ensure adequate moisture. Moreover, a greenhouse watering system helps gardeners reduce water wastage.

In this detailed blog, we have discussed the dos and don'ts of watering your plants and how to determine their watering requirements. So let’s dig into the details right away!

How Much Water Do Your Plants Need?

Watering plays a pivotal role in gardening. It’s one of the most crucial steps to ensuring plant health and growth. However, watering needs for plants in and outside a greenhouse are often different.

Every greenhouse has a unique environment. Several factors such as heat and humidity impact a plant’s moisture requirements.

A gardener watering a foliage

Moreover, your region’s climate can also affect the production cycle. With so many impactful factors, how does one determine a specific plant’s water needs? Don’t fret. Here’s a simple step-by-step way to do it:

  • Water your plant thoroughly early morning and let the excess drain for about half an hour
  • Once drained, weigh your plant pot and do it again after one day. The difference between the two measurements denotes the water quantity consumed by your plant

Remember that your plant might have a different water requirement in different weather conditions. They need more water during harsh cold days and relatively less moisture on humid summer days.

Determining Water Requirements with Sprinkler or Automatic Watering Systems

If you’ve got ground soil-based plants in your greenhouse, you cannot follow the weighing technique to determine their watering requirement. Understanding the plant-water relationship can be quite tricky, especially in cloudy weather.

You will notice tense leaves and a few signs of rupture, but do not panic. Water your ground plants early morning and let the sunlight do its work. Come back again after a couple of hours to assess any signs of dullness and dryness on leaves. Re-water targeting only the dry plants.

A woman spraying water on plants

Then continue with your regular watering routine in the afternoon.

Dos and Don'ts of Watering Greenhouse Plants

Now that you know how to find out your plants’ watering needs, it’s time to brush the basics about watering dos and don'ts. This will help you improve your plant’s health and speed up its growth while meeting its energy needs. Check out our extensive range of greenhouse accessories to upscale your greenhouse production.

Here are some watering best practices and mistakes every gardener should know about:

  • Always water your plants early morning
  • Don’t water too frequently. Use the above-mentioned targeted watering technique if some of the plants show signs of dullness
  • Water plants at the soil level instead of only sprinkling on the outer parts
  • Install an automatic watering system instead of sprinklers for thorough, more efficient watering
  • Use a wand to water plants growing in containers

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