Customizes shelves and potting benches inside a Cross Country greenhouse

What to Consider When Ordering a Customized Cross Country Greenhouse

Customizes shelves and potting benches inside a Cross Country greenhouse

Cross Country greenhouses are considered the best, most durable, and sturdiest hobby greenhouses in the market. Made in Canada, these conservatories are nothing but perfection. Lined with expert engineering, design features, and material, Cross Country greenhouses have dramatically become a top choice for home gardeners across the world.

But there’s one more thing that has significantly contributed to the rising demand for Cross Country greenhouses—their customizability. While you can find several greenhouse brands offering this option, they don’t do it as holistically as Cross Country Greenhouses does.

But before you buy a customized Cross Country greenhouse, here are some key things you shouldn’t miss.

A Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouse

Choose the Right Model

BC Greenhouses is the brand name behind Cross Country Greenhouses. They’re the official design and development company offering over 4,000 greenhouse models for you to choose from! Yes, that’s quite overwhelming, but a great indication of the company’s expertise in the market.

By ordering a custom greenhouse, you can have the desired features to suit your growing requirements and climate conditions. That’s why it’s important to choose the right base model. You can either choose a BC luxury greenhouse or go for a simple yet versatile Cross Country Parkside model and make further changes to its design.

Freestanding or Lean-To?

Next, you want to decide whether you have enough site space to install a freestanding greenhouse. The best part about Cross Country greenhouses is that you can almost get any of their designs converted into a lean-to model that fits your site like a glove.

A Cross Country greenhouse installed by a pool

A lean-to greenhouse is a top choice for greenhouse customization customers as it offers them a way to seamlessly integrate a greenhouse into their property. You can check out our greenhouse guides to learn more about lean-to greenhouses and how they can prove more efficient than freestanding ones.

Glass or Polycarbonate

This is perhaps one of the most crucial decisions greenhouse gardeners have to make when getting a Cross Country greenhouse customized from the seller. BC Greenhouses offer several materials and greenhouse glazing options like double glass, twin-wall polycarbonate, and five-wall polycarbonate.

You can learn more about each of their properties and weather suitability to choose the best one. What’s more, you can even get all of them intermixed into one conservatory for maximum growing productivity!

Where Can You Buy Custom Cross Country Greenhouses in the US

Choosing a reliable greenhouse seller is imperative to put your money in the right place. However, doing so is tough because many sellers claim to be reliable and authentic. Mulberry Greenhouses steps in as a leading online shop for greenhouse buyers. We’re an authorized seller for local and international brands like Solexx, MONT, Riga, Cross Country, and Lumen & Forge, among more.

Plants inside a Cross Country Sun Haven greenhouse

You can also check out our vast range of greenhouse accessories for sale online. Call us for more details.

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