Monticello Automatic Greenhouse Watering System

🌳 A Step-By-Step Greenhouse Maintenance and Cleaning Guide

What must you do to retain the value of your investment? Think of the greenhouse as your investment and the recipe for retaining its value for harvesting greater returns as cleaning and maintenance. This isn’t your annual deep cleaning plan; this is your drill for regularly cleaning the greenhouse to maintain the frame from rotting or the window from supplying inadequate sunlight to the seedlings as a result of being dirty:

Monticello Automatic Greenhouse Watering System

🏡The Interiors of the Greenhouse

🌳 Start by removing all the elements from your greenhouse; you’re going to have to work quickly if the plants are tender or it’s a cold day.

🌳 Next, start cleaning from the top down — make your way from the rooftop to the windows paying special attention to the dirt that hides in crevices.

🌳 Ensure the electricity is turned off to prevent any hazards.

🌳 Move to the floor with a tub of hot water and mild detergent to remove the molds, algae, and lichen that may have found consolation in the cracks.

🌳 If any pests made their way through into your greenhouse the last time, you’ll want to seal the vents, doors, and windows to kill those nasties.

🌳 In addition, you could go in with paint or stain for the wooden frames or repair the aluminum frames, respectively.

🌳 Lastly, you’ll want to disinfect all other hard-to-reach surfaces and replace the soil with a fresh supply.

🏡The Exteriors of the Greenhouse

The exteriors should be relatively easy to clean — all you need is a supply of warm water to wash off the glass panes. A broom handle comes in handy for the higher parts of the greenhouse, while a sponge does fairly well on the lower regions. It’s best to execute this plan on a fairly windy day to allow the breeze to dry out the greenhouse after jet washing. However, you may need to insulate the greenhouse using bubble wrap to heat the house more rapidly.

Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI36 Greenhouse 10ft x 20ft

🏡Buy Accessories to Execute the Greenhouse Cleaning Project

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