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Best Shelves to Use in a Greenhouse Kit

Whether you simply want to improve your greenhouse production or try out the new vertical gardening and greenhouse staging trends, one greenhouse accessory always helps.

Yes, we’re referring to greenhouse shelves.

Known for their excellent space-enhancing qualities, greenhouse shelves come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. While several polycarbonate and glass greenhouses have built-in shelving options, you can always buy more on our website.

ExacoJanssens Shelves

One of the most common types of shelving options for a greenhouse is a wall-mounted shelf. These user-friendly, storage-improving and quality greenhouse accessories pair well with other greenhouse products such as vents, louvers, and garden beds.

So if you’re looking for some high-quality shelving options for your greenhouse, this blog’s for you!

1. Slatted Shelves

A slatted greenhouse shelf is highly effective and performance-driven. They’re not only easy to use but also highly ergonomic. Slatted greenhouse shelves help gardeners organize their plants and improve the overall neatness of the space.

At Mulberry Greenhouses, check out these slatted shelves for Royal Victorian Greenhouse for sale. They’re available in black and green color options to fulfill your greenhouse’s unique aesthetic needs.

2. Potting Benches

Potting benches aren’t a wall-mounted greenhouse shelving option. They’re designed in a table-like manner to grow plants anywhere within a greenhouse.

Potting benches are available in different material options such as wood and plastic. You can use them to stack and organize your greenhouse tools or place smaller plant pots for better growth. We recommend you opt for perforated potting benches as they offer improved ventilation and temperature regulation for plants.

3. Adjustable Greenhouse Shelves

This one’s particularly for smaller greenhouses. Adjustable greenhouse shelves are the most convenient space-increasing option that can be used on a need basis.

An adjustable greenhouse shelve offers you greater flexibility. You can move the shelves up and down to adjust to the required height and width. Moreover, you can add additional shelving racks such as these Solexx ones to promote better plant production.

Solexx Greenhouse Shelf Racks

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