Strategies to Control Temperature inside a Greenhouse

Every type of plant growing inside a greenhouse requires optimal heat, moisture, and humidity. Without properly controlling the environment, you cannot achieve the true benefits of a greenhouse.

Shade curtain for a greenhouse

With advancing technology, greenhouse manufacturers and designers can add cutting-edge, more efficient temperature regulation features to the product. However, greenhouse gardeners often seem to miss out on them.

According to our experts at the Mulberry Greenhouses, there are several manual and tool-supported techniques to control the temperature inside a greenhouse. Let’s talk about the most important ones of them in detail.

1. Install Vents

The first, most effective way to maintain and regulate the temperature in a greenhouse is to install vents. You can either opt for automatic or manual vents based on your needs. A manual vent is suitable for smaller greenhouses, whereas larger greenhouses may require a bigger variant.

Vents are perfect for summertime as they allow better ventilation and humidity control. Check out some of the most reliable greenhouse shutters and vents available on our website now!

Riverstone Greenhouse and Small Building Exhaust Fan System

2. Use Shade Cloths

Like vents, shade cloths also impact the heat and sunshine levels that enter and retain inside a greenhouse. Adding shade cloth to your greenhouse is the perfect sun damage prevention strategy that is both inexpensive and convenient.

A shade cloth’s primary role is to regulate the solar radiation inside a greenhouse, making it easier for food and flowering plants. However, you must install a shade cloth if the other methods listed in this blog don’t work.

3. Install Greenhouse Heating Systems

If you live in a colder region, you may need to install a greenhouse heating system to increase the temperature inside your conservatory. Inadequate heat and humidity can lead to plant damage by obstructing photosynthesis.

Moreover, heating some areas of a greenhouse may be required due to the different needs of different plants. To maximize the benefits of vents and heating systems, don’t forget to get your greenhouse insulated. It also helps in reducing energy wastage.

4. Add a Barrel to Your Greenhouse

Several natural temperature regulation methods assist greenhouse gardeners in creating a pleasant atmosphere for plant growth. Our favorite one is the barrel method. A barrel filled with soil or some greens can aid plant growth by introducing more humidity into the air.

Barrels perform really well when coupled with other greenhouse accessories like greenhouse fans, shade cloths, and composters.

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