A woman busy container gardening

Expert Tips to Successful Container Gardening Inside a Greenhouse?

A woman busy container gardening

Container gardening is not a new concept, but many gardeners are still unaware of it.

And most of those familiar with the concept often misconceive that growing plants in containers is easier than growing them in the ground soil. It’s only true if they know the best practices, the right steps, and the proper way to plant seeds in containers. If you’re in awe of pretty plants growing in containers, we have just the guide for you.

Growing plants in containers can be a tricky affair. From experimenting with different types of plants to creating a watering schedule for them, there’s a lot to take care of. Experts at the Mulberry Greenhouses are here with an informative and detailed guide to starting your container garden inside a greenhouse.

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So let’s learn about container gardening now, shall we?

Choosing the Right Type of Containers for Your Plants

Once you have space sorted out for container gardening, the first step would be to buy the right type of containers. Now, this is where many gardeners feel lazy and end up making quick decisions without research. You need to choose containers made with sturdy and durable material that doesn’t harm your plants.

Succulents growing in small cones

Here are some of our expert tips to help you make an informed decision:

  • Choose non-porous containers if you live in a hot region and opt for porous pots for colder climates. Our favorite container types include fiber stone, resin, metal, and fiberglass.
  • Improve space efficiency by installing garden beds and seed trays. They help in categorizing plants and offer an opportunity to practice companion gardening.
  • Start by planting in bigger pots to have adequate space for your plants to grow and to water less frequently.
  • Always check planting pots and containers for bottom holes that allow excess moisture and water to drain without harming the roots.
  • Upscale container-like items that you might find in your home. Old bowls, carton boxes, and bottles can be used as containers for plants.

Choosing the Right Types of Plants That Can Thrive in Containers

Now that you have bought containers, have the soil ready, and the greenhouse prepped for container gardening, it’s time to decide the type of plants you want to grow. Remember that some plants cannot thrive in containers and require soil beds to grow properly. That’s why it’s imperative to study a plant’s growing needs and specifications before sowing its seed in a container.

A gardener shifting a plant into a container

Examine growing conditions, and don’t choose a plant just because it strikes you as fancy. Here are some excellent plants that can turn your conservatory into a luscious garden:

  • Succulents
  • Vegetable plants such as peas, little finger, Caraflex cabbage, patio snacker cucumbers, and pot black eggplants.
  • Foliage and perennial flowers
  • House plants such as snake plants, elephant leaf plants, etc.

Mud pots for planting

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