A MONT greenhouse

How to Get Your Greenhouse Ready for the Fall Season?

A MONT greenhouse

Greenhouse gardeners must perform several tasks to prepare their greenhouses for the fall season. With autumn comes various challenges such as humidity issues, increased weed growth, and excess mulch. However, using the right greenhouse accessories and practices, you can easily prevent fall-related gardening problems and continue growing healthy produce.

In this detailed blog by our experts at Mulberry Greenhouses, you will learn all about the key steps you must take to get your greenhouse fall-ready!

So let’s dig into the details right away!

Is Fall an Important Growing Period for Greenhouse Gardening?

Yes, absolutely. As a transition season between summers and winters, fall is considered the most important gardening season. It’s the time of the year when you harvest summer crops and sow winter crops to gain a beautiful harvest by year-end.

That’s why greenhouse gardeners need to invest in fall prep practices to maximize the quality, quantity, and growth rate of their plants. At Mulberry Greenhouses, you can find the most reliable greenhouse kits to kick start fall gardening. We also offer various types of greenhouse accessories to increase your greenhouse performance.

Now let’s talk about a step-by-step process for greenhouse fall preparation:

1. Clean Your Greenhouse

Start by thoroughly cleaning your greenhouse and ensuring that there are no weeds or nuisance-causing insects left behind. Just like you fall-cleaning your home, you should scrub and disinfect your greenhouse to prevent pests from thriving on its walls, floors, and roofs.

2. Wipe the Glazing

Whether you have a glass or polycarbonate greenhouse, dust and grime can accumulate on its glazing over time and lead to inadequate heat and sunlight supply to the plants. Before fall kicks in, wipe off your greenhouse’s glazing and increase the amount of sunlight.

The best way to clean your greenhouse glazing is to wash it with a thorough water supply. Use a soft rag of cloth or a sponge to remove the smallest dust particles. We recommend you avoid DIY cleaning agents and rely on purpose-made cleaners to disinfect greenhouse glazing.

Victorian greenhouse

3. Touch Up Bases with the Soil and Garden Beds

Don’t forget to check the quality and pH level of your greenhouse soil. Most winter crops require heavily fertilized soil to thrive. Remove weeds and debris from the surface and add some worm-based or compost-base fertilizer for a healthier growing season.

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4. Inspect and Repair Greenhouse Structure

Your greenhouse, no matter how amazing, is vulnerable to wear and tear impact. That’s why greenhouse gardeners mustn’t forget a complete greenhouse inspection before fall planting. Check your greenhouse structure for leakages, holes, and scratch marks. Get things fixed right away, especially if you spot damage on walls, doors, or vents.

Use high-quality greenhouse greasers and hinges to improve the structure’s operation and functionality. And don’t forget to optimize your greenhouse temp using a quality greenhouse heater or circulation fan.

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