MONT Solar Powered Ventilation System

4 Best MONT Greenhouse Accessories You Should Consider Buying

MONT Solar Powered Ventilation System

Greenhouse accessories by MONT are a true customer-favorite. They’re unique, versatile, and very high-performing. However, choosing the best MONT accessory to improve your greenhouse’s productivity can be a bit confusing.

And that’s where Mulberry Greenhouses steps in. We bring you a wide range of greenhouse accessories, including the MONT greenhouse products that are long-lasting and worth every cent!

Continue reading about the four best and most sought-after MONT greenhouse accessories.

1. MONT Greenhouse Solar Ventilation Kit

The MONT solar power greenhouse kit is nothing short of perfection!

This greenhouse accessory makes a greenhouse owner truly appreciate the natural sunlight and its many benefits for gardeners. The MONT Solar Powered Ventilation System works on an on-power demand basis and has fans that operate with 100% efficiency. Solar power systems for greenhouses reduces energy costs and give a greenhouse the ultimate energy-efficient rating.

Using this greenhouse accessory, you can provide your fruits and veggies plants with a higher, more natural heating source to flower quickly. In addition, the system features exhaust fans, louvers, and shutters that optimize ventilation as well.

2. MONT Roof Vent

Automatic roof vents increase the indoor air quality of a greenhouse. They also play a vital part in improving a greenhouse’ curb appeal. If you have a Monticello greenhouse such as Mojave or the Grower’s edition greenhouse, consider adding a roof vent to it.

Made with quality aluminum and poly-walls, these automatic roof vent kits are perfect for creating an amazing greenhouse environment for your plants.

MONT greenhouse vent and louvers

3. MONT Shade Cloths

Shade cloths are designed to offer a better light diffusion capacity to greenhouses. They’re probably the easiest and most convenient greenhouse accessory for controlling heat. However, you also need to choose the right product that fulfills your greenhouse requirements.

The MONT internal shade cloth offers premium temperature optimization. They come ready to use and have been rated quite high in terms of performance. What’s more, these shade cloths are available with pre-cut sections to fit a watering system, automatic roof vents, etc.

You can choose different MONT shade cloth sizes varying from 8 to 24 feet.

4. Heating and Cooling System for Greenhouses

Delivering the right level of heating and cooling to your greenhouse plants plays a significant role in their timely growth. The optimized temperature needs to be maintained for longer time periods and, therefore, requires high-efficiency heating and cooling greenhouse systems.

The MONT greenhouse and building heating system delivers all the benefits one can expect from a high-quality greenhouse cooler/heater. It can spread a good amount of heat in all directions and works way better than all the other greenhouse heaters and coolers on the market.

This system is equipped with a copper steel sheath that has a low density and a better ability to produce heat and cooling. With automatic fan control, you can shut off the heater and let your plants enjoy a well-rounded, balanced atmosphere.

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