Plants during a heavy rain

5 Ways to Protect Your Plants in Rough Weather Throughout the Year

Plants during a heavy rain

For most people with a green thumb, their plants are like their children. They spend hours tending to them, helping them grow and taking care of all their needs, and even buying pricey greenhouse kits.

But despite their best efforts, a few hours of heavy rain or an afternoon of extreme heat can wreak havoc on any well-maintained garden.  

To make sure your garden retains its green glory all year round, here are a few things you can do.

Heatwave—Give Your Most Sensitive Plants Some Shade

Heatwaves are frequent and ruthless during the summers. While you slather on sunscreen to protect yourself, don’t forget to look out for the most vulnerable of your plants.

Plants need sunlight but too much light could end up burning them. If they're in pots, you could perhaps settle them on the covered porch or bring them inside the house. Or if they can't be moved, cover them temporarily with shade cloths.

Expected Freeze—Water Your Plants Beforehand

As a garden enthusiast, you always need to watch the weather forecast to stay one step ahead at all times. Unexpected cold spells can be pretty harsh on your plants. But as soon as you learn that a freeze is expected—you need to act.

Watering the plants right before the degrees drop will help retain some heat in the soil. So even as the leaves on top are coated with frost, the roots before will stay insulated, keeping the plant strong from within.

Strong Winds—Use Cloches and Supports

Wind damage can be brutal and can undo weeks of hard work in mere hours. So to protect your small plants during string winds, you can use cloches. You can buy them or create them from plastic bottles. They'll cover the entire plant, acting like a little DIY greenhouse.

On the other hand, for taller plants, you can use supports since you probably won't be able to fit them under cloches. Tall poles, planks, and stakes can be put into the ground and ties with the plant’s main stem to give it some necessary support during strong winds.

Thunderstorms—Use Mulch to Protect the Soil

Thunderstorms often bring heavy showers with them that can be a bit too much for your plants, especially if you’ve recently worked on them. A newly planted area usually has very loose soil that can get washed away during heavy rain.

To avoid this, it’s a good idea to layer the top with some mulch. Not only will it protect the soil beneath but it will also help retain moisture in the bed during hot, dry days.

Plants in a greenhouse with shade cloth

Rough Weather All Year—Invest in a Greenhouse

The weather's often unpredictable and while you're protected from the worst of it in your cozy home, your plants aren't always that lucky.

To make sure that your plants can have ideal weather conditions all year round, you can buy greenhouse kits. And with the right greenhouse accessories like misting systems, greenhouse heaters, exhaust fans  and Automatic Greenhouse Watering System, you can easily protect and maintain your plants all year round.

If you make up your mind, give us a call since we currently have the Royal Victorian Greenhouse for sale along with a few others!

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