A plant sprouting from a seedling

From Seed to Your Table—A Complete Spring Gardening Timeline for Greenhouse Gardeners

A plant sprouting from a seedling

Springtime is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative and enjoyable seasons for gardening lovers. It offers numerous growth opportunities to greenhouse and outdoor gardeners and allows them to enjoy a fuller, more luscious harvest.

However, it's important to do your homework before starting a springtime garden. Gardeners should prepare the soil properly, sow seeds at the right time, and maintain a consistent watering schedule to achieve desired results.

This article is a complete guide to springtime gardening. Follow it, and we assure you that you'll be enjoying delicious homegrown produce in no time!

A gardener making space for new seeds

Know Which Plants You Want to Grow

The best part about springtime gardening is that gardeners have a huge array of plants to choose from. From ripe veggies and fruits to exotic ornamentals, you can watch all kinds of beautiful plants sprout from seedlings.

Here are some of the best plants to grow during spring:

  • Peppers, okra, brinjal (Harvest time: Feb-March)
  • Potatoes and tomatoes (Harvest time: Mar-April)
  • Flowers like pansies, dahlia, and petunia

You can also divide your greenhouse into two sections: one for cool-season crops and the other for warm-season crops. The former is planted around Valentine's Day, followed by the latter after two to three weeks. Warm-season crops are usually planted in an outdoor area and later transferred into a greenhouse for fuller growth.

A new brinjal plant

Sow at the Right Time

More than 71% of greenhouse gardeners intend to bring homegrown food to their table. However, they fail to make the most of springtime gardening because they cannot pick the right type of plants. Start your springtime gardening schedule as early as March. It is the best time to sow larger seeds, such as cucumbers. You can either sow them in a propagator or directly into the soil.

For beans and peas, sow a thick layer of seeds and water them regularly.

Fresh strawberries from a home garden

Beware of Temperature Fluctuations

Springtime usually doesn't pose any major threats or challenges to greenhouse gardeners. It, however, may cause drastic temperature fluctuations. Aim to maintain a steady temperature of 45 to 64 degrees using a greenhouse heater and ventilation system. Experts also recommend gardeners keep the vents open throughout March to optimize humidity and moisture levels and prevent pest attacks.


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