Different types of herbs planted in small pots

How to Grow Herbs in a Greenhouse?

There’s a huge variety of herbs, from basil and parsley to sage and rosemary, that you can easily and effectively grow inside a greenhouse. Herbs are generally very expensive, especially if you’re buying high-quality, fresh ones.

So why not leverage your greenhouse and grow fresh, aromatic, and premium quality herbs right in your backyard? Home gardeners have been obsessed with growing their own food for quite some time. In the US, more people are now showing a major inclination toward greenhouse gardening as they try to make healthier, eco-friendlier food choices.

Among many of these choices, consuming plant-based and home-grown food items is definitely taking the lead. You must, however, research well and learn about growing herbs in your greenhouse to avoid potential pitfalls.

This ultimate guide by Mulberry Greenhouses will help you through the course.

Herbs That Grow Well Inside a Greenhouse

As we mentioned above, there’s a huge variety of herbs you can grow at home. But not all of them will thrive and grow well inside a greenhouse. The key to enjoying lucrative greenhouse produce is hidden in choosing the right type of plant to grow inside of it.

When planning the herb section of your greenhouse, choose the herbs that do well in controlled atmospheres. These normally include thyme, rosemary, oregano, basil, and lavender. Some of the other herbs that you should try are parsley and chives. All of these are known for their ability to grow in warmer conditions that can easily be maintained inside a greenhouse.

Assorted herbs on a white surface

However, if you live in colder regions, install a greenhouse heater and fan for optimum ventilation and warmth. Let’s talk about some of the best herbs to grow inside a greenhouse:

· Oregano

Produce oregano inside your greenhouse by increasing heat and light. You can also use an additional grow light so it thrives.

Oregano herb growing inside a greenhouse

· Parsley

Similar to oregano, parsley loves light. If you can optimize the amount of light required for this herb, it can be a great addition to your little herb garden.

Parsley herb growing inside a greenhouse

· Mint

Mint is one of the best herbs to grow inside a greenhouse. It can grow in all kinds of conditions. So plant it in a pot or on the ground to enjoy fresh, aromatic mint all year round!

Aromatic mint herb growing inside a greenhouse

· Dill

Dill pickles are probably one of the most favorite pickles in the US. If you’re a fan, too, don’t skip on producing your own fresh dill. This herb likes cold conditions, so ensure low heat and temperature to help it thrive inside a greenhouse.

Fresh dill sprinkled on potatoes

· Lemongrass

Lemongrass can grow to its maximum length if you can provide lots of light. Place your lemongrass pot near a greenhouse wall or window. Under the right conditions, lemongrass can grow pretty quickly!

Homegrown lemongrass placed on a white surface

Understand and Implement a Proper Watering Schedule

The next step to mastering the art of growing herbs inside a greenhouse is implementing the right watering routine. Since every plant is unique and requires a different amount of moisture to grow, you should consider grouping similar species.

Grouping allows you to have better control over your plants' watering requirements and helps in avoiding over-watering mistakes. For small greenhouses, watering yourself is a good option. But if you have a larger greenhouse, install an automatic watering system for improved efficiency.

In addition, you should also:

  • Must not trample herb plants inside a greenhouse
  • Use garden beds or smaller shelves to group herb pots
  • Try growing some flowers next to herb aisles for some extra pop of color inside your greenhouse

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