A solid, well-built lean-to greenhouse

What is a Lean-To Greenhouse, and Why You May Need One?

A solid, well-built lean-to greenhouse

Greenhouse material, orientation, foundation, and the types of plants you want to grow are some of the key factors every greenhouse buyer must consider. Among all of these, the greenhouse orientation plays the most crucial role. You cannot create a thriving conservatory without knowing the right direction to ensure adequate heat, sunlight, and air for your plants.

Mulberry Greenhouses has stepped forward to help you learn about the most functional and versatile type of greenhouse,a lean-to greenhouse. This is the most suitable option if you have a small space to install a greenhouse. Let’s dig deeper to learn more about them.

Understanding Lean-To Greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouses are also called wall greenhouses. As the name suggests, these greenhouses are installed against a sturdy surface like a wall. They take advantage and support from an existing building structure. You can install a lean-to greenhouse against your house wall or a business facility’s boundary.

A lean-to greenhouse extends to a small space outside of a building, making a perfect environment to grow plants irrespective of the outdoor weather conditions.

Why Do You Need a Lean-To Greenhouse?

Now that you know the meaning of a lean-to greenhouse, the next question is, what are the benefits of investing in this type of greenhouse? Let’s find out!

A Solexx lean-to greenhouse for sale


Outdoor gardening is not an issue as long as you have adequate, fertile, and clean outdoor space such as an open yard or patio; you may need to go the extra mile for better produce. This is where a lean-to greenhouse comes into play. Home gardeners can opt for a lean-to greenhouse to improve the quality, quantity, and growth rate of their plants. All you need to do is buy a lean-to greenhouse from Mulberry Greenhouses, set it up against a wall in the right direction, and transfer all the outdoor plants into it.

A Valuable Property Addition

A lean-to greenhouse is more than just a garden addition. It’s visually appealing, functional, and really productive for home gardeners who’re serious about their produce. They make a cool statement for your yard and can actually escalate your property’s value too!

Easy Temp Control

A lean-to greenhouse can be the first step of your journey as a greenhouse gardener. It’s the easiest way to transfer your outdoor gardening efforts to a better, enclosed, controlled environment. Fixed to a wall, a lean-to greenhouse is better at maintaining a fixed temperature. It stays firm during harsh weather conditions, ensuring higher stability and plant protection.


Converting a Freestanding Greenhouse into a Lean-To Greenhouse

Yes, you read that right! You can convert your freestanding greenhouse into a lean-to in a few steps:

  • Prepare the base for your regular greenhouse next to a wall
  • You will have to remove one side of the side panels from your regular greenhouse to fix it against a wall
  • Once the foundation is ready, carefully get the regular greenhouse into the space and reinforce it using the necessary tools
  • You can add door kits or tie-down kits to further stabilize the greenhouse

Note: Please refer to your contractor to make sure this conversion to a lean to greenhouse is done correctly. Our advice is basic but a professional is required to make sure that the lean-to greenhouse is built in a solid manner.

Buy high-quality lean-to, portable, conventional, and educational greenhouses at Mulberry Greenhouses. We also offer many other types of greenhouses in small, medium, and large sizes. You can shop from our wide range of greenhouse kits and buy greenhouse accessories, misting system for greenhouses or get in touch with us for more details.

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