Extreme snowfall during winter

3 Steps to Preparing Your Greenhouse for a Harsh Winter Season

Extreme snowfall during winter

As a greenhouse owner and gardener, you must be worried about maintaining your plants’ well-being and the greenhouse structure during winter. At Mulberry Greenhouses, we have a team of expert gardeners who can help you winterize your greenhouse. Depending on a greenhouse’s size and type, this process takes a few days.

Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure a fruitful and rewarding winter gardening journey this year!

Step 1: Improve Your Greenhouse’s Sturdiness

Harsh winter weather can be quite damaging for greenhouses. Start the process by Start by assessing your greenhouse’s foundation thoroughly before adding new plants or winter crops. Sweep the floor, check flooring quality and efficiency and pay close attention to its foundationa base for timely repairs.

If you’re planning to grow hardy winter crops, we recommend you install greenhouse tie-dow kit in winters to enhance your greenhouse’s stability and sturdiness.

A polycarbonate greenhouse by RIGA

Step 2: Fix Thermal Insulation Issues

Generating, circulating, and preserving heat is a common wintertime gardening challenge for greenhouse users. But it’s not difficult to prevent this issue by taking the right course of action ahead of time. You must consider installing a greenhouse heater to ensure that your plants get adequate heat all season long. Couple your greenhouse heater with a new thermostat and greenhouse air circulation fan for better ventilation and heat diffusion.

The next step is to test and fix damaged insulation inside your greenhouse. A good starting point for this is a thorough window and roof inspection. Check for leaky sidings and weather stripping. Get rid of cracks and gaps by adding an insulant or a covering over your greenhouse.

However, extensive damage mandates timely repairs and fixes. Seek professional assistance if you spot broken windows, louvers, and vents. Don’t forget to check the door kits as winter wind and frost can seriously damage your greenhouse plants. Step up the insulation by installing additional caulking, silicon-based sidings, and light-diffusing linings.

Check out Mulberry Greenhouses to buy quality wintertime greenhouse accessories online.

MONT greenhouse for sale

Step 3: Ensure Healthy Indoor Air

Ventilation, moisture, air, and irrigation can affect overall plant growth and health. And winters tend to alter all of these contributing factors. That’s why you should invest in an efficient ventilation system to ensure a healthy airflow inside your greenhouse. You should also consider installing a supplement lighting system or switch to plants that require darker growing conditions. 

Greenhouse grow lights

You can also choose a greenhouse solar-powered system for grow lights, heaters, and circulation fans for improved energy savings. Buy one today!

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