How to Improve Your Riga Greenhouse’s Performance?

Riga automatic window opener

If you’re looking for a robust and highly reliable greenhouse, check out the products provided by Riga. Mulberry Greenhouses is proud to partner with the premium manufacturer to ship high-quality greenhouses to customers in continental US.

However, you should look for ways to improve your greenhouse performance. Here’s why you should look to improve your greenhouse’s performance and how these accessories can help you.

Why Improve Your Greenhouse’s Performance

As a hobby backyard gardener, someone new to greenhouse cultivation, or even if you’re an experienced farmer, you should always look to improve your crops' performance.


Lighting is essential for sustainable growth which people may overlook, especially when they believe that their greenhouses are getting adequate lighting. When growing plants, it’s important to understand the right lighting requirement for your plants.

Short-day plants require 12 hours of light or less for healthy growth. If they receive too much light, it can impact their growth. On the other hand, long-day plants need at least 16 to 18 hours of light for healthy growth. Vegetables and garden flowers are examples of long-day plants that require more light.

Selecting the right lighting, positioning them adequately in specific growing zones and proper lighting coordination will play an important role in cultivating leafy greens and juicy fruits!

Illumitex Eclipse Grow Light.

Temperature Control

Temperature management is also crucial to ensuring that your plants get the right environment to grow. Climate mismanagement can lead to unsustainable crop growth and you won’t get desirable results. Therefore, commercial growers place greater emphasis on designing their greenhouses to allow for control of growing environment.

Components such as heaters, windows, exhaust fans, and others play an important role in temperature control. Greenhouse heating systems have played an important role in keeping the temperature warm in a cold climate.

Windows and exhaust fans can be strategically placed to force hot, humid air out of your greenhouse and ensure better airflow.

Production Space

Production space is also a major issue hobby farmers face when utilizing their greenhouses for plant cultivation. Remember that your space is important because it will help you generate the necessary revenue to spend on other aspects of your greenhouse. It always makes sense to maximize your production space for efficiency.

Components such as seed trays and shelves are excellent ways to supplement and organize your production space. When designing your greenhouse space, consider the need for an irrigation system, fertigation, and other equipment storage. Ask yourself how to maximize the space and utilize it to grow your desired plants. Multi-tiered or stacked production is also being actively experimented with by commercial growers to see whether it can provide them with optimal space utilization.

Riga shelves

Improve Riga Greenhouse Performance

Riga provides a flexible greenhouse that can be optimized with premium accessories to improve its performance. You can buy greenhouse heaters, exhaust fans, shelves, seed trays, foundation frames, and more to enhance the performance of your Riga greenhouse.

Windows, Heaters, and Exhaust Fans for Better Temperature Control

As mentioned, windows, heaters, and exhaust fans are ideal for maintaining the temperature inside your Riga greenhouse and allowing for greater ventilation. Riga greenhouses have the flexibility to install heaters to protect younger plants from frosty conditions in colder months. You can extend your growing seasons well into the winter by installing a premium heater.

Quality windows are essential for natural ventilation, providing a healthy environment for your plants to grow. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of manually opening and closing your windows, get your hands on the Riga automatic window opener. The opener is designed to open and close when the temperature inside the greenhouse reaches a certain limit. You can also invest in a Riga exhaust fan to create the best possible growing environment.

Riga greenhouse seed trays

Shelves and Seed Trays for Production Efficiency

Installing shelves in your Riga greenhouse will also enable you to grow in hard-to-reach places, helping you experiment with different kinds of plants that you were previously unable to. You can check out high-quality shelves for Riga greenhouses at Mulberry Greenhouses.

You can also invest in a quality seed tray for your Riga greenhouse and get a head start on growing season. Seed trays can help you monitor your young plants. Check out the heavy-duty Riga greenhouse seed trays at Mulberry Greenhouses. They can help you maximize the use of space in your greenhouse.

Grow Lights to Cultivate Better Plants

You can supplement the lighting in your greenhouse by installing premium LED lights such as the ones provided by Mulberry Greenhouses. We have The Gama Sonic Light My Shed 4 and Ilumitex Eclipse GEN2 Bar LED grow lights in stock that provides the necessary light that your plants need to grow and thrive in a greenhouse environment.

Buy Quality Greenhouse Accessories at Mulberry Greenhouses

Mulberry Greenhouses is a one-stop shop for all quality greenhouse accessories. Our online store has some of the best accessories that will help you maximize your Riga greenhouse performance. You can also buy other premium greenhouse accessories such as automated water greenhouse watering systems, greenhouse heaters, outdoor sinks, and more.

We have partnered with some of the best greenhouse manufacturers, such as Exaco, Mont, and Riga, to provide our customers with premium greenhouses. Contact us for more details.

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