What Kind of Flowers Can You Grow Inside Your Greenhouse?

Greenhouses nurture seedlings, plants, and even succulents quite efficiently. Growing plants inside a greenhouse is quite different from open-air gardening. Therefore, it’s important to understand the types of plants that thrive well in an enclosed environment.

When it comes to greenhouse gardening, people often think that it’s only for growing fruits and veggies. However, that’s not the case. You can grow some of the most beautiful flowers, AKA ornamentals, inside your greenhouse and turn it into an alluring conservatory.

So whether you own a Solexx greenhouse kit or a large, beautiful Monticello glass greenhouse, here are the top four types of flowers you must try growing.

1. Chenille

Many gardeners say that chenille plants have more leaves and fewer flowers. It’s true to some extent, but the shrubs of a chenille plant are so colorful that they make up for them. The chenille plant can grow very well inside a greenhouse and get as much as six feet tall!

Chenille requires lots of sunlight, so the best way to fuel its growth inside a greenhouse is to plant it near a south-facing window. You can add a removable roof vent or greenhouse windows to simplify the chenille’s growing process. Ensure that it stays moist all the time but do not overwater it.

2. Orchids

Almost no one can deny the beauty, elegance, and grace of orchids. Known for their pretty colors and visually appealing form, orchids are considered one of the best flowers for greenhouse growing.

Orchids are time-sensitive in blooming, and they require high temperatures. You need to ensure that your greenhouse is warm all the time. It should be at least 70 degrees during the day and around 50 degrees at night. Since orchids require a humid atmosphere, many greenhouse gardeners find them easy to grow inside a greenhouse due to improved temperature control.

3. Roses

One should never miss out on growing roses if they own a greenhouse. Next to orchids, roses thrive very well inside a greenhouse because they love warmth and humidity. So it means that if you’re thinking of growing orchids inside a greenhouse, consider growing roses as well.

A blooming rose

Rose plants require at least a 70-degree hot temperature inside a greenhouse. Moreover, you need to provide abundant sunlight exposure and plant food fertilizer to intensify their colors. Check out greenhouse heaters available at Mulberry Greenhouses.

4. Amazon Lilies

If you want a fragrant greenhouse, don’t ignore the importance of growing amazon lilies. Tropical in nature, these flowers also like a warm environment, plenty of soil, and at least eight straight hours of direct sunlight.

To maximize and escalate amazon lilies’ growth pace, consider planting them inside containers containing rich soil.

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