A double-hinged greenhouse door kit for Victorian greenhouses

What are the Benefits of a Greenhouse Door Kit, and Which Ones Should You Consider Buying?

A double-hinged greenhouse door kit for Victorian greenhouses

Greenhouses are created to make a gardener’s life easier. Instead of growing in outdoor, more vulnerable spaces, gardeners use greenhouses to protect their plants and offer them a well-optimized environment.

However, gardeners need to learn about the latest greenhouse accessories and advancements that can help them in creating a suitable, healthy, and temperature-regulated greenhouse interior. Mulberry Greenhouses is a highly renowned and trustworthy greenhouse products distributor in the US.

The company not only sells high-end greenhouses by Solexx, Riga, MONT, Exaco, and Cross Country but also offers an amazing variety of greenhouse accessories.

Types of Greenhouse Door Kits

Choosing the right greenhouse door kit type is important to ensure that your greenhouse’s structure is secure and stable. Here are the three most common types of door kits you can check out:

Sliding Door Kits for Greenhouses

Sliding door kits for greenhouses are impeccable for space efficiency. They’re easy to operate, strong, and help gardeners prevent the greenhouse from cluttering. Shop here.

Drop Door Kits for Greenhouses

Coupled with strong reinforcements, cross bars, brackets, and bars, a drop-door greenhouse kit is ideal for greenhouses built on a stem wall. The main function of a drop door kit is to elevate a greenhouse, and the gardener can drop down the door to access the greenhouse. Shop here.

 Drop door kit for Victorian greenhouses

Hinged Doors for Greenhouses

Hinged greenhouse doors are available in single sliding and double sliding options. Available in insulated and uninsulated options, hinged doors improve accessibility, efficiency, and the overall structure of a greenhouse. You can also choose from polycarbonate and glass options for functional, long-lasting, and beautiful greenhouses. Shop here.

Now we will talk about one of our best-selling greenhouse accessories, i.e., greenhouse door kits. But what makes them a beneficial greenhouse add-on? Let’s discuss this in detail.

Benefits of a Greenhouse Door Kit

Let’s discuss the benefits of greenhouse door kits and also get to know some of the most reliable door kits that are available in the US market right now:

Improved Ventilation

Greenhouse door kits are excellent for improving ventilation inside the conservatory. They’re ideal for warmer climates where it gets humid during summers. Greenhouse owners have to maintain a temperature that suits all the different types of plants inside their greenhouse.

The best door widths for greenhouses range between 24, 30, 35 & 36″. However, you need to assess your greenhouse’s shape, size, and style before choosing a particular product.

MONT door kit

One of our top favorite door kits that are both functional and versatile is the MONT greenhouse door kit. It features spring-loaded locking doors with electrostatically charged black paint to improve greenhouse insulation and energy efficiency.

This one can be installed either on the front or the rear end of your greenhouse.

Increased Accessibility and Mobility

Door kits make it easier for gardeners to access different parts of their greenhouse. They can be installed as an extension to your greenhouse, making it more spacious and well-organized. For example, you can invest in the MONT Greenhouse 4 Foot Extension Kit.This kit is designed to fit any greenhouse from the MONT greenhouse product line featuring a 2x2 ftroof vent with an automatic opener and gutters.

With an integrated flush base design, the MONT extension with door exuded high strength and robustness with its high impact UV stable 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate walls.

Different Types of Configurations

Another main benefit of a greenhouse door kit is its configuration. Today, you cannot just buy a traditional pivot-style greenhouse door but can also opt for a stylish sliding door.

Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse Single OR Double Sliding Door

If you have Royal Victorian VI23 and VI24 that come with a single door, you can upgrade them by installing one of the Victorian sliding door kits. You can choose from black and green color options to match your greenhouse.

Why Choose Mulberry Greenhouses to Buy Branded Greenhouses in the US?

Mulberry Greenhouses is known for an all-encompassing product range, high-quality greenhouse kits, affordable grow closets and cabinets, and much more! We’re the finest greenhouse distributor in the US, providing a price match guarantee, free shipping across Continental USA, and seasonal deals that are a steal!

So whether you’re a newbie in the world of greenhouse gardening or a pro looking for excellent greenhouse accessories and kits, we are here to help!

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