Gardening fertilizers

How to Make Homemade Fertilizer?

Gardening fertilizers

Home gardening is a rewarding activity as it offers you several opportunities to recycle garden waste, decompose organic matter, and other wastage from your kitchen and yard.

Among the many benefits of home and greenhouse gardening, making your own fertilizer is another great way to maximize energy conservation and reduce wastage. From creating a sustainable gardening environment and soil structure to avoiding plant damage, there’s a lot you can achieve by curating fertilization products at home. Providing adequate and nutritional fertilizers to your plants can be a game-changing practice.

It doesn’t only increase the growth speed, but also improves quality by extending your plants’ life and lusciousness.

However, it can be a little challenging to find the right information for making gardening fertilizers. This guide from our experts at Mulberry Greenhouses will simplify the process for you. So let’s get into the details right away!

Egg Shells Fertilizers

To ensure effective and smooth plant growth, calcium must be replenished in a garden bed’s soil content. Plants and their roots absorb and remove calcium from the soil, and this is when you can use eggshells. Eggshells are replete with calcium carbonate, making them the correct source of calcium-related nutrition for growing plants.

With nitrogen and phosphoric acid, eggshells can help reduce the duration of the growth cycle, helping gardeners enjoy a lucrative growing season!

A plant growing out of an eggshell

The best way to use eggshell fertilizer is to crush or grind them in a food processor. Sprinkle the fine powder on the upper soil layer and let your plants absorb the homemade agricultural lime.

Epsom Salt Fertilizer

One of the most common ways to make homemade fertilizer is to dissolve Epsom salt in water. When sprayed on plants, this solution offers a very beneficial soil enrichment. It increases the growing season’s duration and offers vital nutrients for rapid plant growth.

Especially if you’re growing veggies in your greenhouse, try the Epsom salt solution to plant and food-based fertilizers. Veggie plants like tomatoes and potatoes love magnesium, and Epsom salt solution can provide them with exactly what they need!

Service Fireplace Ashes

If disposed of to trash, fireplace ashes can be very damaging to the environment as they tend to junk up in our landfills. On the contrary, they prove extremely good for fertilization applications. You can collect fireplace ashes from fertilizing garden beds and greenhouse plants. This substance works really well in enriching soil with effective calcium and potassium.

Fireplace ashes also stabilize the pH value of soil, making it highly suitable for fast plant growth.

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