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Solexx Greenhouses

Mulberry Greenhouses brings you an extensive collection of Solexx Greenhouses and accessories. The revolutionary Solexx Greenhouse covering material beats any other greenhouse covering out there. Our Solexx Greenhouses feature a twin wall covering material that provide optimum insulation, light, and a safe growing environment for your plants. With extra shelving, lots of headroom, and an open floor plan, these Solexx Greenhouses are the perfect choice for any beginner or expert plant grower!

Whether you want to invest in a Solexx Harvester Greenhouse, Conservatory Greenhouse, Garden Master Greenhouse, Gardener’s Oasis Greenhouse, or need to get your hands on premium quality Solexx Greenhouse circulation fan, window vent openers, or Solexx Louver, you can find a wide range of Solexx products under the same roof!

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