Four Ways to Cool Down Your Greenhouse without Electricity

Shades on the roof of a greenhouseOne of the most important factors for plant growth and good plant health is temperature. This is why greenhouses are so beneficial, as they allow for climate control and temperature regulation to create the ultimate growing environment for your plants.

While greenhouses are effective ways to keep the environment warm for plants, they can also be harmful if not regulated. Photosynthesis, the plant’s ability to make food for itself and grow, is stunted if the temperature is too warm or too cool.

It’s not that difficult to keep the greenhouse warm and insulated, especially in the summer months, but cooling down the greenhouse is just as important a task.

However, using electricity in this regard is not the most cost-effective solution. Here are some ways to cool down your greenhouse without the use of electricity:

1.    A Ventilation System

The most effective and cost-saving way to cool down your greenhouse is by getting the air flowing.This can be done with the help of roof vents, side vents, and the greenhouse door.

Keeping the vents and doors open on summer days and warm nights will regulate the temperature and the air will be replaced every few minutes. With fresh air entering from the outside, warm air will rise and be able to exit through roof vents.

On our website, you can find different greenhouses with wall vents as well as vent openers.

2.    Shades

While plants need sunlight for growth, on warm, sunny days, shades come to the rescue when you want to keep the temperature in your greenhouse from rising.

They are an alternative to electricity-based solutions and are removable. So, you can protect your greenhouse and keep it cool while the sun rises throughout the day, and remove the shades once it gets cooler. 

3.    Damp Down 

Another effective tool for cooling your greenhouse is damping down hard surfaces. This can be done by spraying or hosing down hard surfaces in your greenhouse such as the walls, ground, shelves, and the works!

The heat will cause the water to evaporate, resulting in the surfaces being cool. While the increasing humidity will be hell for greenhouse owners, your plants will thank you. Our automatic greenhouse watering systems are quite effective as well as convenient in this area. 

4.    Solar Powered System

Whether it’s for cooling down or heating up, say goodbye to thousands spent on electricity forever. Install a greenhouse solar power system for your temperature regulation needs.

Having a solar-powered greenhouse saves a lot of costs. While initial installation costs may be high, you'll make up for it with the resulting electricity savings.

It's cost-effective for you, good for your plants, and great for the environment. Win-win!

Solar Powered ventilation system in a greenhouse

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