🌳 Prepping Your Greenhouse for winters: A Guide

Just as you prepare yourself for the winters, you’re going to have to put in the same effort to defend your plants from the dropping temperature. The days getting shorter is enough bad news for growers as is!

The greenhouse can be prepped well to bear the cold of winter. Here are steps to follow through to help your plants survive whatever adverse weather the winter may have in store in the following season:

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1.    Clean Your Greenhouse

A clean greenhouse operates at maximum efficiency. The best time for deep cleaning your greenhouse is during the fall — clear off the benches, scrub the equipment, empty the pots, and disinfect to prevent pests. Apart from the interiors, you’re also going to want to give the exteriors a go to clean the wooden frame and window panes.

2.    Fix the Holes

Do you want to invite the cold wind of winters? If you’re shaking your head no, it’s time to check for holes, cracks, or gaps and repair those using patches. However, for major damage, you may need to request replacement parts. Moreover, the hinges, door handles, and vents should be given a go with a silicone-based product or grease as a part of the lubrication treatment to ensure operations when the temperature drops.

3.    Pump the Heating System

When the wind is tremendously cold outside, you’re going to want to pump up your heating system to ensure your plants receive adequate heat to grow during the winters. You must inspect and service your heaters before the regular frosting season begins. It must pack enough power to suffice the size of your greenhouse; otherwise, it won’t be of any use.

4.    Set Up Insulation

Even the best heaters won’t serve their purpose if your greenhouse is poorly insulated, allowing the warm air to escape. The gaps, holes, and cracks in the greenhouse structure are an open invitation for the cold air to sneak in and affect your winter growth. So while you still have the time, install heat linings, replace any worn-out coverings and caulk the cracks to keep the heat in.

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