🌳 Best Veggies to Grow in a Greenhouse

best veggies to grow in a greenhouse


Thirty-five percent of American households grow food at home or in a community garden. A greenhouse makes for an incredible asset for growing veggies as it allows gardeners to make the most of the sun. It also allows home gardeners to extend the crop season. Here are the best vegetables to grow in a greenhouse:

Green, leafy vegetables


Spice it up with peppers in your greenhouse. These perk up the main course well without taking up too much space in the greenhouse. They require a minimum temperature of 13 degrees Celsius, which makes it fairly easy to keep peppers happy — clear walls of the greenhouse and the added temperature of the shelter does the trick without the need for any artificial heating.  Peppers make it well through the winters given that they have adequate light and are kept indoors.


Can’t do the salsa without the tomatoes — these tomatoes are best grown outdoors, but to harvest the best returns around the year with fewer pest infestations. To utilize your greenhouse space to the max, train your tomato plants to grow upwards rather than sideways.  The best time to grow tomatoes is during the summers; it gets fairly expensive and tedious to keep them alive in the greenhouse during winters.


If you love yourself some magic corn, you’ll want your sweetcorn to remain fresh at all times. Each plant can produce as many as six cobs, so you’ll be conserving ample space with the miniature version too. With sweet, delicious, and fresh corn plants in your greenhouse, you’re always minutes from the stalk. You can plant a winter crop of corn during the mild winters, but you must supply adequate light and warmth regardless of the season.


Lettuce is a lot of fun, it’s big, green, and grows fairly quick to make for a delicious sideline for most dishes. There are tons of varieties of this leafy vegetable that you can plant in your greenhouse to harvest around the year. Winter lettuce must be sown in between August to November for a continuous crop. Another green crop worth exploring is the super healthy broccoli. The special habitat of the greenhouse keeps the air a little warmer and cancels out any pests to create a favorable environment for these delicate plants.

Root Vegetables

We’re talking beets, carrots, potatoes, onions, turnips, and other similar versatile vegetables that grow under the ground as a fleshy enlarged root that’s consumed. With greenhouses, you can plant these root vegetables during mid-winters to harvest them during mid-spring or keep it running until the fall.

You could also choose to plant cucumbers in the ground in your greenhouse if you’re looking to make an organic salad for consumption on a daily.

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