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The Steps to Create a Lucrative Planting Schedule This Summer

A planting schedule, AKA a planting calendar, is a gardener’s best friend. It helps you decide which plants to grow and when to grow them, whether you’re a newbie or a pro.

Home gardeners tend to think that they can grow almost any kind of plant in their backyard anytime. That’s, however, not the case. Each plant has unique growing and thriving requirements that can only be understood by creating a planting schedule.

Summertime is around the corner and gardeners all over the US are planning their next move. And if you want to do it too, here’s a foolproof guide to help you create a production and result-driven summer planting schedule.

Step #1: Find Your Zone

A summer planting schedule can only be made by identifying the correct region/zone. Its primary objective is to anticipate and calculate a timeline for sowing and harvesting.

By finding the right zone, you can stay ahead of garden prep and cleaning to ensure a healthy environment for your plants. This also goes for all the greenhouse gardeners out there who are clueless about what, when, and how to grow during summers.

A woman gardening during daytime

Zone identification also allows gardeners to calculate the amount of water and care their summer plants require.

Step #2 Calculate Planting Dates

The next step, once you’ve identified your zone, is to calculate the planting dates. This usually involves three types of schedules:

  • When to plant herbs
  • When to plant fruits and veggies
  • When to plant flowers

Moreover, three things determine a plant’s planting date:

The frost date is the first and last average day or range of days of the frost season in your zone. Knowing the frost date helps you prevent causing frost damage to certain summertime plants. Similarly, maturity dates refer to the end of a plant’s full growth cycle.

Unmatured herb produce inside a greenhouse

To calculate the planting dates, pinpoint the frost date and work backwards. Once equipped with this information, you’ll be all set to go out and buy the seeds and gardening products for the season!

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