How Do Cold Frame Greenhouses Work?

A cold frame greenhouse

With the rising popularity of greenhouse gardening, the demand for cold frame greenhouses has multi-folded in the past couple of years.

Purpose designed to extend the growing season, offer better gardening conditions, and improve crop quality, cold frame greenhouses are laced with premium benefits for gardeners. And the best part is, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener, you cannot go wrong with a cold frame greenhouse.

Cold frame greenhouses are ideal for growing off-season fruits, flowers, and plants. They offer a warmer environment, hence proving perfect for gardeners living in cold-weather states. Unlike regular greenhouses that require additional energy-driven accessories to heat up, cold frame greenhouses solely use sunlight to make your plants grow and stay healthy.  

Read ahead to learn about the inner workings and benefits of cold frame greenhouses.

How Cold Frames Work?

Now you know that cold frame greenhouses derive their primary energy from the sun, it’s time to delve deeper and understand how they utilize solar power to aid plant growth. The warming effects generated inside a cold frame greenhouse are much stronger than those inside a traditional greenhouse.

Cold frame greenhouses are smaller in size and are made to cater to a limited growth supply. Therefore, they heat up quickly and more easily. Moreover, cold frame greenhouses are only suitable for plants with a year-round growth life cycle. Cold frame greenhouses are ideal for sprouting the seedlings instead of letting them grow for the entire season.

An affordable cold frame greenhouse by Juwel BioStar

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What’s more, the cold frame can maintain a temperature five to ten degrees higher than the outside weather. To make your cold frame more versatile and easy to operate, you can invest in vents that will improve air quality and flow inside the greenhouse.

Uses of a Cold Frame Greenhouse

Cold frame greenhouses are extremely suitable to ensure your plants’ growth and health in the early winter season. The initial frost and chilly winds are very dangerous for delicate plants. Therefore, gardeners need to go the extra mile to ensure their safety. Cold frame greenhouses are insulated structures that offer unmatchable plant growing conditions to gardeners. They’re intrinsically unheated, thereby relying on solar power to create a small, micro-climate to match the growth needs of specific plants.

This is where a cold frame greenhouse can help. They can easily stabilize the temperature according to the needs of your specific plant species and allow them to grow safely in an unhinged manner.

Here are some impeccable uses of a cold frame greenhouse that are worth mentioning:

1.   Eliminate Seasonal Impact

Cold frame greenhouses can be used to cancel out the impact of unreasonably cold or hot weather conditions. They are great for cool-season plants that can withstand tough conditions. But if you want to grow hot season plants without compromising their growth cycle, a cold frame greenhouse can be the best option. They allow gardeners to steer clear of the hazards posed by frost and snow.

2.   Protection during Dormancy

This is undeniable one of the most challenging aspects of home gardening. Protecting your plants during dormancy can be quite a task. Reduced exposure to sunlight, minimized clean airflow, and inadequate soil moisture often leads to plant damage, even inside greenhouses. This is why you should consider investing in a cold frame greenhouse this winter season. They will help your plants grow without exposing them to uncontrollable external hazards.

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