Internal vs. External Greenhouse Shade Cloths - What's Better?

One of the main objectives of buying a greenhouse is to optimize heat, light, humidity, and moisture for fast and healthy plant growth.

Many newbies in the world of greenhouse gardening don't actually know about the diverse range of greenhouse accessories that are available to assist them. Some of the most popular greenhouse accessories include greenhouse heaters, solar power systems, fans, door kits, watering systems, and tie-down kits. Among these, there's one more tool that can take your greenhouse's output to a solid ten.

Yes, we're talking about shade cloths. However, when it comes to buying shade cloths for your greenhouse, you may get confused between their internal and external variants. Read this blog to learn about both of them in detail.

Purpose of a Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Before dissecting the two main types of shade cloths, let's help you understand their applications:

  1. Shade cloth prevents greenhouse plants from burning or overheating
  2. It improves the efficiency of greenhouse watering systems and fans by allowing better air circulation
  3. Shade cloth is great to protect the greenhouse structure from sun damage
  4. It keeps a greenhouse's interior cooler and well-balanced

Now let's talk about the differences between an internal and external shade cloth.

Internal Shade Cloths for Greenhouses

As the name suggests, internal shade cloth for the greenhouse is used to cover a garden bed, soil patch, or a grown plant inside a greenhouse. This shade cloth is installed a few feet above a greenhouse's contents.

You can buy shade cloths with a blind or curtain system for easier mobility and light control. Here are some of the key benefits of an internal shade cloth:

  • They help in making a greenhouse energy-efficient by reducing heat loss and gain
  • Shade cloths are long-lasting and can withstand the impact of dirt, wind, and rain
  • These greenhouse accessories are super easy to wash and maintain
  • Multiple shade cloths can be used to create a perfectly customized greenhouse interior

External Shade Cloths for Greenhouses

If you want to cover the entirety of your greenhouse, external shade cloth is the best option for you. These shade cloths are layered over a greenhouse's structure and are fixed into the ground.

Solexx black external shade cloth for sale

External shade cloths offer a long-term solution for temperature control and sunlight exposure inside a greenhouse. It's perfect for fruit and vegetable plants. Here's how an external shade cloth benefits you:

  • It reduces the overall heat level inside a greenhouse
  • An external shade cloth is typically used to make a greenhouse cooler and less humid
  • It effectively blocks sun rays
  • An external shade cloth, however, may reduce ventilation and require you to install additional roof vents and greenhouse fans
  • A greenhouse external shade cloth also tends to veil the aesthetic appearance of a greenhouse

The decision to install either type of shade cloth depends on your greenhouse gardening requirements and the type of plants growing inside.

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