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What You Should Know About Building a Greenhouse Foundation

EOS Exaco Janssens T-Shaped greenhouse

There has been considerable interest in backyard gardens and greenhouses to grow food. However, building and maintaining a backyard garden or a greenhouse is easier said than done. The foundation is one the most important things when building your greenhouse.That said, here's everything you should know about building a greenhouse foundation.

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Different Kinds of Greenhouse Foundations

Let’s start things off by discussing the different types of greenhouse foundations. Ultimately, the type of foundation you choose for your project will depend on your greenhouse and the existing soil’s condition.

Compacted Soil Foundation

You can opt for a compacted soil foundation which requires the ground to be consistent and level to ensure the proper greenhouse installation. It has the following characteristics:

  • It is quite cost-effective.
  • It works well with temporary greenhouses.
  • It can also work with greenhouses that measure less than 8ft x 10ft.
  • It’s suitable for greenhouses that come with a proper frame, such as Riga Greenhouses.
  • It offers better drainage and convenience of planting in the ground.
  • These are not the strongest foundation available.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option that offers good drainage and is easy to set up, get a compact soil foundation. It’s also ideal for hobby greenhouses that come with a foundation frame. That said, it does require maintenance.

Slabs and Decks

Slabs and decks are another option if you want to cover the entire area of your greenhouse. It has the following features.

  • Can be used with concrete, stone, brick, or wood.
  • They’re quite expensive.
  • Not viable for hobby greenhouses.
  • Inadequate drainage.
  • Need proper heatingor cooling system for temperature control.

Concrete slabs are ideal for larger greenhouses and provide a permanent and long-lasting base. They’re easier to maintain but don’t allow for adequate drainage and temperature control.


Wooden Decks

Wooden decks are another cost-effective alternative to concrete slabs. They have the following features:

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Good drainage
  • It does have an insulation problem because it doesn’t provide the required insulation from the foundation itself.

Do You Require Flooring?

Another question you may have is whether you need flooring on your foundation or not. You might have to think about flooring if you go for a foundation made of concrete, wood, brick, or even a compacted soil foundation.

Flooring ensures proper drainage, and you can pick and choose a material that provides adequate insulation in your specific climate. Additionally, leaving your greenhouse without a floor will make it susceptible to bugs and weeds that are found in your garden. Now, you can use pesticides or weed killers, but installing a floor is a better and more viable idea.

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Foundations in the Winter Season

Setting up a solid foundation during the winter is more difficult. Cold air needs conditioning, and a solid foundation will ensure that your greenhouse is airtight and doesn't let cold air pass through. A leaky structure can also lead to significant heating costs, while a solid foundation will ensure that your greenhouse remains insulated.

If you want to install a greenhouse in the winter, choose a foundation that helps you maintain the temperature inside the greenhouse for optimal growth conditions. You can always get a heating system from Mulberry Greenhouses to install in your greenhouses which ensures that your plants get the required heat during the winter season.

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