smart grow container for hydroponics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydroponics

smart grow container for hydroponics

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants without soil. When plants grow in soil, their roots reach out to find water and nutrients. These nutrients and water aid the photosynthesis process and, thereby, plant growth.

However, plants in nutrient-infused water, rather than soil, don't exert energy to find water and nutrients. This energy saved facilitates plant growth and health.

Here are some more advantages and disadvantages of hydroponics:


No Land Requirements

Since the growth of plants through hydroponics does not require soil, they can be grown anywhere. This advantage is great for people who do not have access to fertile land. The location can be anywhere, from inside your apartment, to on your balcony.

Moreover, when plants are plants in soil, their roots branch out searching for nutrients, thus requiring more space. In hydroponics, since they already have the nutrient, they can be kept close to one another. In this way, planting through hydroponics requires less space and can hold more plants.

Saves Water

Planting through hydroponics uses a mere 10% of the water that conventional planting uses. This method saves a lot of water; the only loss of water is through rare system leaks, and through evaporation, which is natural.

This water efficiency is a great advantage as this is an environmentally friendly solution to water wastage and a great help fighting global climate change.

Climate Control

As with greenhouses, you have complete control over the external environment of the plant and can provide optimal conditions such as temperature, nutrients, pH levels, etc. This climate control feature is beneficial for plant health.

Rapid Plant Growth

As plants don't have to spend energy searching for nutrients and already have access to the nutrients necessary for growth, they grow faster and healthier.

The ideal conditions that they have access to be great for promoting rapid plant growth.


More Conscious Time Needed

While plants that grow in the soil can be left on their own for days while they find nutrients and grow, hydroponics allows for rapid plant growth. They rely on the water for growth and health, and so a proper check needs to be in place.

Their water needs to be changed every few days, and you need to keep a more conscious and regular check on plant health.

Threats of System Failure

Unlike conventional planting, hydroponics requires water and electricity at all times. You need to be prepared with backups in case of blackouts to prevent system failure. Without a consistent supply of electricity, the plants may dry out, and the system may fail.


Hydroponics requires equipment that is expensive to replace. In comparison, it is more costly than regular conventional plant growth.

How We Can Help

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