A beautiful greenhouse installed in a residential yard

Trying to Grow Your Own Food? Hydroponics Might Be Your Best Bet

A beautiful greenhouse installed in a residential yard

Whether it was the pandemic or increasing energy conservation concerns, 2020 and 2021 created a swamping ripple in the sea of hobbies. From freelancing to painting and gardening, people all over the US took on a hobby to make their time more productive.

Among many hobbies, greenhouse gardening surfaced up, creating a high demand for greenhouses, greenhouse kits, and greenhouse accessories. Some people tried growing their favorite plants in their backyards, while others became heavily interested in growing their own food.

If you’re also someone interested in joining the latter group, this blog will help you. We have uncovered the magic of hydroponics for gardeners who want to enjoy home-grown food. This technique can help you grow herbs and veggies for the kitchen. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Tomato plants inside a greenhouse

What is Hydroponics Gardening?

Hydroponic gardening is a very approach compared to traditional home gardening practices. It’s solely based on water nutrients instead of soil. Many hydroponics gardeners like using a porous medium to help diffuse nutrients into the roots. These porous mediums can consist of wool, rocks, clay, and perlite. Hydroponics is focused on providing nutrients directly to the plant roots, thereby intensifying and speeding up the growth rate.

Reasons to Try Hydroponics

While it’s a no-brainer that hydroponics is highly energy-efficient, it brings many more benefits, especially to home-gardeners. Neither do you have to arrange soil for sowing seed, nor is there a need to invest in expensive fertilization products to increase the growth rate and quality.

In addition, hydroponics is the best way to make use of small, confined spaces for home gardening. This gardening technique can be used inside greenhouses or on a stacked plant base in your residential balcony.

The Two Main Types of Hydroponics Gardening

There are primarily two ways you can practice hydroponics gardening:

1. Nutrient Film 

Using this hydroponics technique, you can grow herbs and veggies in an angled pan attached to a water basin. The water flow in the reservoir aerates the roots and offers sufficient nutrients for adequate growth. AKA NFT, this greenhouse hydroponics method requires a very shallow water stream that contains adequate nutrients required for plants. It’s easy to implement, operate, and maintain.

2. Ebb and Flow

This effective technique is used for growing plants that require a large amount of water for growing. Using the ebb and flow method, you can reduce water wastage by periodically flooding nutrient-containing water back and forth.

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