Are Polycarbonate Greenhouses Good for Growing Plants?

Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse

A greenhouse has become a staple resource for gardening and greenhouse lovers in the US. Available in various shapes, sizes, and designs, greenhouses have gained massive traction from customers over the last few years.

Here at Mulberry Greenhouses, we have also experienced an increased demand for greenhouses and greenhouse accessories. However, there’s one common question that confuses almost all of our buyers: Are polycarbonate greenhouses good for growing plants?

Traditionally, greenhouses have always been made with glass or plastic glazing. But with rapid technological advancements, plastic has been refined into a material known as polycarbonate. The latter is a sturdy material used for making greenhouses sturdier, more aesthetically pleasing, and advantageous. You ask, how come? Let’s dig deeper and learn more.

1.   Improved Insulation

Polycarbonate greenhouses offer improved and better quality insulation than traditional, classic glass greenhouses. Compared to the substitutes, polycarbonate greenhouses have high-end heat and frost resistance capabilities that help gardeners extend the growing season.

What’s more, their heat-resistant properties make them an ideal pick for people living in hotter US regions. Many people think that polycarbonate is vulnerable to heat damage as it’s a type of PVC material. However, it’s completely false. Despite of having plastic properties, polycarbonate is much more efficient, cost-effective, and heat-insulating. What’s more, polycarbonate greenhouses are also acoustic-resistant, helping gardeners work in peace.

Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI

2.   Durable

The next concern regarding polycarbonate greenhouses is their durability and longevity. Customers often opt for classic glass greenhouses because they’re not sure whether a polycarbonate greenhouse will last or not.

At Mulberry Greenhouses, you should check out our range of Riverstone, Exaco, and Solexx polycarbonate greenhouses. These versatile products are known for their durability, sturdiness, and versatility. Polycarbonate is a highly robust material that doesn’t easily crack, break, warp, or bend, unlike glass.

For example, if a soccer ball hits your polycarbonate greenhouse’s wall, you won’t see any impact. Whereas, if the same thing happens to a glass greenhouse, the walls will definitely shatter.

3.   Quicker Installation

Believe it or not, polycarbonate greenhouses are much easier and hassle-free to assemble than glass greenhouses. They’re lightweight and mobile, allowing you to perform the more efficient installation.

Handling greenhouse kits made of the glass often requires professional assistance. This consumes more time, effort, and energy. On the flip side, if you opt for a polycarbonate greenhouse, you can even assemble the kit yourself!

If you’re looking for high-end and durable polycarbonate greenhouse for sale in the US, head over to our website now! We offer a wide range of Riverstone, Riga, Solexx, Exaco greenhouses and Monticello greenhouse for sale, along with high-quality greenhouse kits and accessories.

At Mulberry Greenhouses, you can choose from various greenhouse styles such as Victorian, cold frame, commercial, educational, and portable greenhouses for sale. You can also invest in functional greenhouse kits and accessories like a ventilation system or a heater for a greenhouse to make your purchase more worthwhile.

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